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VEGO Dynamic FPS 10B

Buffering of PCB's is important in assembly lines. Stack based buffer, PCB fifo/lifo buffer and PCB buffer tower with conveyor belts for a very sort cycle time.

The PCB Buffer can be Stack based , PCB fifo/lifo and PCB buffer tower with conveyor belts for a very sort cycle time.

The buffer station FPS 10B SPI is used to store assemblies which have been tested as „good“ or bad“. Arriving PCBs are taken over onto the buffer segment and positioned. “Bad” PCBs are always buffered and are only unloaded on request from the operator.

“Good” PCBs are only buffered when required and automatically available on demand from the downstream system.

The machine is characterized by its short cycle times and can be used for example downstream from a solder paste inspection system (SPI) to compensate for process-related downtimes.

The FPS 10B SPI functions according to the FIFO (First In / First Out) principle and can store up to 10 assemblies. The buffer itself consists of multiple closed conveyor segments built on top of each other which can also easily process PCBs with cut-outs.

Machine configuration

  • Transport height: 950 mm ± 50 mm
  • Max. transport width: 460 mm
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • Transfer direction: from left to right
  • Operating side: Front of the machine
  • Fixed rail: Front of the machine

Buffer Description

  • Buffer spacing: 25 mm
  • Buffer capacity: 20 Slots

Panel Dimensions

  • Panel length: 70 to 460 mm
  • Panel width: 50 to 460 mm
  • Panel thickness: 0.5 to 3 mm
  • Component clearance: ± 40 mm
  • Panel weight: to 2 Kg
  • Total weight: max. 20 kg

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