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Keep the printing process clean and efficient. The proper inputs deliver efficiency and convenience to the printing process. ASMPT’s consumables have been designed by printing experts to ensure you have the right tools for optimized print performance and excellent outcomes.

  • Improve productivity
  • Maximize understencil cleaning effectiveness
  • Keep printing accessories clean and ready for use

ASMPT Enables Printing Excellence

Stable printing processes are critical for the quality and efficiency of your electronics production.

ASMPT is the only equipment manufacturer in the world that is able to offer everything you need for the stencil printing process: machines and software, consumables, stencils and toolings, process expertise, and smart process solutions. Only our teams of experts can adjust each component perfectly to provide you with the best solution available. The bottom line: only ASMPT guarantees printing excellence.


Stencils technologies

  • DEK Fine Grain stencils
  • DEK Multi-level stencils
  • DEK Electroform solutions
  • DEK Electroform 3D stencils
  • DEK Electroform Variable Aperture
  • Height Technology (VAHT)
  • DEK Electroform Mini LED Stencil
  • DEK PumpPrint™ / Adhesive stencils

Stencil coating technologies

  • DEK NanoUltra Gold stencil coating
  • NanoClear® stencil coating

Stencil frame solutions

  • DEK VectorGuard™ frame solutions
  • DEK Mesh-mounted frame solution

Substrat support solutions

Singulated Substrates Support 

  • DEK Multiple Alignment of Singulated
  • Substrates (MASS)
  • DEK Topside Reference System (TRS)
  • DEK Virtual Panel Tooling (VPT)

PCB Standard Support

  • Flex Support
  • Custom dedicated tooling
  • DEK PCB pallet solutions
  • DEK Grid-Lok™
  • DEK Grid-Lok™ Gold
  • DEK Grid-Lok™ Silver
  • DEK Grid-Lok™ spare parts
  • DEK Support Bars

Stencil storage systems

  • DEK VectorGuard™ cabinet
  • DEK VectorGuard™ tower cabinet
  • DEK VectorGuard™ mobile cabinet
  • DEK VectorGuard™ working station
  • DEK Mesh-mounted stencils/
  • DEK Precision screens storage


  • DEK Ultra-Fine Pitch (UFP)
  • ECO understencil cleaning rolls
  • DEK SMT high performance understencil cleaning fabrics
  • DEK Pro and DEK Pro XF advanced understencil cleaning chemistries

Pre-saturated wipes

  • DEK Hand cleaner wipes
  • DEK IPA/DI wipes
  • DEK IPA/DI 96% wipes
  • DEK Stencil cleaner wipes
  • DEK Adhesive remover wipes

Cleaning sprays

  • DEK SMT stencil cleaner
  • DEK Reflow oven cleaner


  • DEK Latex gloves
  • DEK Powder-free blue nitrile gloves

High-purity precision cleaning dry wipes

  • DEK Non-woven material wipes
  • DEK Polyester material wipes

Precision swabs 

  • DEK Foam swabs

DEK Spatulas 

DEK Solder paste nozzles 


  • DEK Metal squeegees
  • DEK Laser cut replacement squeegees blades
  • DEK Metal squeegees for lead free applictions
  • DEK Self Adjusting Paste Deflectors (SAPDs)
  • DEK Polyurethane squeegees
  • DEK PumpPrint™ squeegees
  • DEK Special squeegees

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