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DIVISIO 6000 Series

Regardless of material, size or contour - our DIVISIO depaneling systems depanels your printed circuit board from the panel with a precision of 10µm. Whether as an stand alone solution, inline or offline system - we supply a machine that is perfectly oriented to your requirements and your production. In doing so, we rely on proven separation processes: sawing, routing or laser cutting. The 1000th system sold speaks for the success and experience in 20 years of DIVISIO depaneling systems.

Our Highlights:

  • Depaneling process for every application
  • Individual degree of automation
  • Scalable functions
  • Parallelization of processes in one system

The DIVISIO 6000 is a high dynamic depaneling system for maximum output. The module units are split in the following processes: “depaneling“, “final assembly“ and “feeding next process“. By this it is possible to adapt to speed or process applications. The cut curcuits will be laid down on the centrally placed turntable by the carbon-fibre-axis in the front. The “final assembly“ is carried out on the turntable. At the same time the second carbon-fibre-axis takes the finished circuits at the other side of the table and sorts them into a freely choosable outlet. By using parallel processes the DIVISIO 6000 can run optimum cycle times.


  • 2 carbon-fibre handling axis
  • Linear motors for highest dynamics and accuracy
  • Ionisation unit
  • Segmental inlet
  • Quick exchange of gripper finger
  • Automatic tool change
  • Complete tool management
  • Breakage control
  • Length verification
  • Diameter check
  • Life span monitoring
  • Dynamic utilization of full router bit
  • Automatic maintenance schedule
Transport height
Max. transport width
Transfer direction
Operating side
Fixed rail
Panel Dimensions
Panel length
Panel width
Panel thickness
Panel weight max.
PCB weight max.
Component height, spindle-side
Component height, gripper-side
Machine Description
Length x Width x Height
Noise Level
Machine networking via IC Net
850mm ±50mm
Siemens, SMEMA
From left to right
Front of the machine
Front of the machine
Panel Dimensions
20 to 460mm
0.8 to 5,0mm
8mm; partial 18mm (other height on request)
1200 x 2960 x 1688mm
Machine Description
±0.02mm (20°C ±1°C)
±0.005mm (20°C ±1°C)
±0.08mm (20°C ±1°C)
Less than 75dB(A) (possible deviations due to material mix of the panel)

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