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Detecting faults by looking into what is hidden. AOI systems inspect the visible quality features of an assembly. But they have a limit: what is hidden from the human eye cannot be inspected optically even by an AOI. Solder joints of components with surface-mounted connections such as BGAs, CSP, Flip-Chip or QFN are often concealed. In some cases, almost every third solder joint is hidden. But the reliability of electronic assemblies is largely dependent on the quality of these solder joints. X-ray inspection makes it possible to look inside the assembly and significantly minimises failures caused by bad solder joints.

If many components have to be inspected in 3D and with a short cycle time, scanning X-ray imaging with digital line detectors is suitable. For this purpose, GÖPEL electronic has developed its own X-ray detector based on several bidirectional scanning TDI line detectors. The MultiAngle Detector Version 3 offers a fast, parallel X-ray image acquisition of 2D and 2.5D images. The 2.5D images are acquired simultaneously from different directions.

The number of 2.5D images used to calculate the 3D image can be freely selected in the software. With scanning image acquisition, the many stop-an-go axis movement times are eliminated. Thus, significantly shorter image acquisition times can be realised. This is particularly interesting when a multiple use with many components is to be inspected in 3D. Another advantage is the larger field of view (FOV).

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