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Coated Frames and Parts of Coating Machines

A very complex cleaning process is the removal of cured coatings from the surfaces of coating frames, various PCB carriers (conformal coating cleaning machines and frames) and parts of the coating line. Coating producers care about the quality of their products, but they usually do not deal with the subsequent cleaning of the various surfaces afterwards.

The perfect cleaning of parts from coatings results in the return of these products to service without damaging their functionality and reliability. The reuse of coated parts (frames) in operation saves the total cost of their purchase.

Decotron EFD1

  • Water-based cleaning fluid determined to remove cured and uncured conformal coatings from coating frames, PCBs and components of coating machines parts.
  • Intended for removing of acrylate and polyurethane coatings.
  • Ready-mix, intended for direct use.
  • Intended for use in cleaning systems with air-bubbling or high-pressure spray-in-air cleaning technology.
  • Packaging: 5 -25 litres.

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