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Coated PCBAs

A very complex process is the complete or partial removal of coatings from the surfaces of coated PCBAs, their repair and subsequent return to service. The cleaning process for cleaning coatings is generally very complex and our cleaning agents achieve very good results in this area. Our strengths are both water and alcohol based fluids that can strip acrylic, polyurethane and silicone based coatings.

Proton 703

  • Alcohol-based cleaning fluid determined to remove cured and uncured conformal coatings from coating frames, PCBs and components of coating machines parts.
  • Intended specifically for dissolving of silicone coating, also effective for most types of acrylic coating.
  • High compatibility with most aluminium alloys of coating frames.
  • Ready-mix, intended for direct use.
  • Intended for use in all type s of cleaning machines (air bubble, ultrasound and high-pressure spray-in-air).
  • Packaging: 1-5 -25 litres.

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