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Conformal Coating Cleaning

The removal of conformal coatings from the surfaces of coating frames, various PCBAs or from coated PCBAs themselves is a very complex cleaning process. Coating manufacturers care about the quality of their products, but they usually do not deal with the subsequent cleaning of different surfaces.

Thorough cleaning of coated parts means that these products can return to service without compromising their functionality and reliability. The reuse of coated parts (frames) in operations results in total cost savings of purchasing these items. The second complex process is the complete or partial removal of coatings from coated PCBA surfaces, their repair and subsequent return to service.
Overall, conformal coating cleaning is very complicated, and our agents achieve very good results in this area.

Proton 69

  • 100% alcohol-based cleaning fluid determined to remove cured and uncured acrylic conformal coatings from coating frames, PCBs and components of coating machines parts.
  • Intended to clean also uncured epoxy adhesives from stainless steel stencils and plastic pumpprints.
  • Ready-mix, intended for direct use.
  • Packaging: 1-5 -25 litres.

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