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DEK Paste Management

A strong combination: Automated paste application with paste roll height control.

More process control, more efficiency and quality. Our DEK Automatic Paste Dispenser applies solder paste automatically and evenly from a cartridge, producing for much better results than applying it manually. The dispenser uses air pressure and movement in the X direction to dispense a bead of paste at a user definable rate and position on the stencil or screen.

There is a sensor to detect the presence of paste which allows the machine to display the percentage of print medium remaining; time to go before print medium runs out and boards to go before print medium runs out. The paste dispenser can be used in onjunction with the Paste Roll Height Monitor to trigger the demand for paste. To increase the throughput of boards, the dispenser can be set up to dispense while a clean takes place and to dispense with minimal print carriage moves.


  •  Compatible Cartridge Weight: 500g, 1Kg
  • Compatible Cartridge Dimensions: Bore Internal Diameter: ID Maximum 40.71mm, Minimum 40.35mm
  • Compatible Cartridge Dimensions: Outer Diameter (lip or no lip): OD Maximum 45.70mm, Minimum depends bore size.
  • Compatible Cartridge Dimensions: Thread: ¼ NPSM
  • Nozzles supplied (2 of each): Diameter 3mm, 5mm and 7mm
  • Dispense Pressure: 0-5bar*
  • Dispense Rate **: 0-1000 Boards
  • Dispense Speed: 10-100 mm/sec
  • Dispense Length (X): 0-510mm***
  • Additional Dispense while Cleaner operates: Clean Mode 1, Clean Mode 2 or Both
  • Defer Dispense until next clean: Yes
  • Dispense with board at print height: Yes
  • Alternative Dispense position (X): Centre or Ends°
  • Alternative dispense rate **: 0-500 dispense cycles
  • Prime Dispenses for new cartridge: 1-10 dispense cycles
  • Dispense delay: 0-4 sec
  • Dispense position (Y): Front, Rear or Auto °°


  • Retrofit (MPU) Possible on all of the above platforms
  • Paste containers supported Approx: 600 grams (max. container length: 74 mm)
  • Interior diameters of paste container: 55.5 mm to 58.5 mm
  • Max. outer diameter of container: 74 mm
  • Software DEK Instinctiv™ V9 or higher
  • Parameterization Fully configurable (like the Automatic Paste Dispenser)

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