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With the help of the router, more complex panel layouts can be separated with an accuracy of ±100µm. As a rule, the panels are pre-routed and only need to be cut at the web connections. Routing can also be carried out from above and below. The maximum permissible component height is 8mm, partially 15mm. Advantages of this process are: Low stress, good dust performance and routing of free-form contours.

We have extended the functionality of the line Depaneling so that it can remove each type of PCBs from the panel and feed them into the line. This is made possible by a differnet variants of gripper. With this grippers, PCBs can be separated from the panel from top and fed to the output conveyor. During a format change, the gripper automatically adjusts itself in X and Y position so that the PCB is gripped centrally. When changing over to routing single-sided assemblies , the gripper is automatically lifted. The product change can thus be carried out fully automatically.

Safety at the highest level

We recommend the gripper finger measurement for the depaneling systems. A laser distance measurement is used to check whether a gripper is deformed. Based on the result, either an error message is issued and the gripper must be replaced or the process is continued. Via the software it can be freely defined after how many panels should be checked. This retrofittable option significantly increases the process reliability of depaneling systems.

Technical specifications

The Quick Geometry Check enables a quick and meaningful functional check of the grippers in depaneling machines during production operation. A defined and tolerated gripper position on the product is important for stress-free and collision-free production. The tolerance limit can be set individually.

The gauge (tool shape) checks whether the gripper is bent. If the tolerance is not maintained, a stroke cut-off triggers an error message. An automatic or manual gripper change takes place. Various gripper patterns are incorporated on the gauge so that no additional set-up is required when changing products. The simple geometry control of the grippers increases your production reliability and improves your routing result.

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