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DIVISIO Magnetic Pin Adapter

With the help of the router, more complex panel layouts can be separated with an accuracy of ±100µm. As a rule, the panels are pre-routed and only need to be cut at the web connections. Routing can also be carried out from above and below. The maximum permissible component height is 8mm, partially 15mm. Advantages of this process are: Low stress, good dust performance and routing of free-form contours.

The DIVISIO 2000 is designed for semi-automatic, cost-efficient depaneling of PCBs in small to medium quantities. The turntable of the machine is loaded and unloaded manually by an operator.

A product specific adapter is necessary for this. Optionally, a Magnetic-Pin-Adapter can be used, whose pins can be flexibly adapted to any product layout. The router separates the individual circuits from the panel with reduced stress.

Customer value

Significant cost saving:

  • One work piece holder for all products!
  • No storage cost for work piece holders!
  • Lower maintenance cost!

High accuracy:

  • Creation of work piece holder and routing process in one operation!

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