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ESD boxes and magazines

We offer a cleaning process for ESD boxes and PCB trays in fully automated cleaning systems including the appropriate cleaning chemistry. ESD boxes, containers and trays in which printed circuit boards (or PCBAs) are transported, collected and/or stored need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to prevent secondary contamination of sensitive components. Dust, grease and oil, but also paste, glue and flux residues should be cleaned.

Decotron Z102

  • Anti-corrosion additive for iron alloys.
    The adsorbed layer of inhibitor on the metal surface prevents
    its corrosion after the degreasing process.

Recommended areas of use:

  • Oils and lubricants with AirJet & Ultrasound systems.
    Dust and other mechanical contaminants with AirJet & Ultrasound systems.
    Dillution 1: 250 with DI water.

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