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Maintenance Cleaning

The overall maintenance of machines and equipment is a very important part of the production process. Soldering frames, masks, filters, coolers and many other components should be regularly cleaned to prevent damage to a machine, which would then have to be shut down. Removing flux residues and other contaminants that occur during the process will ensure reliable production and trouble-free operation.

As a manufacturer of cleaning machines and liquids, we offer a full range of options for this process. This includes machine cleaning solutions and manual cleaning sprays for components that cannot be removed from the machine. In the event of a problem, please contact your country’s DCT project manager.

Decotron T332

  • Water-based cleaning fluid determined for maintenance cleaning of flux residues from soldering frames, pallets and masks, parts of reflow ovens and wave soldering machines.
  • Specially developer for cleaning filter elements of REHM reflow ovens.
  • Ready-mix, intended for direct use. Effective for all types of solder pastes and flux types.
  • Not suitable for InJet type.
  • One-phase cleaning fluid. Higher probability of aluminium corrosion.Need rinsing.
  • Packaging: 1-5 -25 litres.

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