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Manual Cleaning of Reflow Ovens and Waves

General maintenance of machinery and equipment is part of the production process. Removing flux residues and other contaminants that arise during the process will ensure reliable production and trouble-free operation. As a producer of cleaning systems and cleaning agents, we offer sprays for manual cleaning of parts that cannot be removed from the machine.

Reflow Cleaner 94

  • Manual Spray. Active foam, water-based cleaner, developed for manual cleaning/maintenance of low contamination welding equipment. It also works great at room temperature.
  • Does not require rinsing.
  • Effective for most fluxes.
  • Minimal odor, high compatibility with copper and aluminum based alloys.
  • Does not attack reflow oven gaskets.
  • Also excellent on vertical surfaces of wave/selectine soldering.
  • Packaging: 1-5 -25 litres.

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