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Manual Cleaning PCBA

A common part of cleaning processes in companies is manual cleaning. PCBAs are often repaired manually, after which the repaired spot must be cleaned again.

Ensuring the correct functionality of the PCBA is one of the basic requirements in the electrical engineering industry.
For this purpose, our company has prepared a manual cleaning spray called Flux Remover 4 that ensures the trouble-free removal of flux residues, solder paste residues and other possible contaminants.


  • Alcohol-based cleaning solvent designed for removal of soldering flux residues from soldered PCBAs.
  • Designed for cleaning of most flux types and other process contaminants such as dust, fingerprints and grease.
  • The solvent evaporates quickly without leaving any traces on the cleaned surface.
  • A specially designed non-fraying application brush is included in the spray package.
  • Recommended to use together with the special ESD wiper.
  • This prevents flux residue from spreading on cleaned surfaces and does not contaminate the brush.
  • The Flux Remover is also available in liquid form.

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