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Discover the compact software solution from ASYS to optimize your production. PULSE PRO offers software modules that will help you to control automated material flows in the shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows. PULSE PRO is easily operated via a cockpit and meets the highest demands for simple handling. The high-quality usability is based on the tasks of the operators. Even with complex contents and functions, the users find their way to their goal quickly and easily.

Automate, Control, Trace all Material Flows & Types

The quantities and states of all materials on the entire shop floor are clearly documented in the PULSE PRO module “Material”. All component reels, trays and PCBs are managed on the basis of Unique ID (UID) and the replenishment of material is controlled autonomously, which reduces the operator‘s workload.

Furthermore, the floor life time of moisture-sensitive components is monitored. Based on the order planning, full or empty magazines are autonomously controlled within the entire shop floor between lines and storage locations. Therefore all modules are integrated and connected for autonomous transport.

Material – Functions

1. Material Locator

The “Material Locator ” function ensures that all material movements and quantity/condition changes are recorded in real time and can be called up directly. Necessary for this material tracking is the unique ID on all materials, such as component reels, PCBs or magazines. The simple, always up-to-date overview in the Material Locator sustainably relieves the operator and helps to reduce downtime.

The information is detailed so that an operator can view the contents of a magazine down to slot level. A large number of additional filters enable a detailed view of the material stock. For example, only the stock of one storage facility (Drying Cabinet, Dry Tower or Material Warehouse) can be displayed.

Based on the information of the Material Locator and the order planning, different specialized material managers are offered.

  • Management of components (reels, trays) and printed circuit boards
  • Component management based on Unique ID
  • PCB management based on articles
  • Management of paste/consumables/stencil
  • Recording of storage/removal and remaining reel stock
  • Support of pre-fitting area
  • Magazine management on UID basis (2D/RFID)

  2. Carrier Manager

With the “Carrier Manager” the entire magazine flow is controlled. This offers the possibility of a completely autonomous magazine control for the production.

  • Moves empty/full magazines to the beginning of the line
  • Picks up empty/full magazines from the end of the line
  • Control based on work plan and order planning

    3. Mobile Robot Manager

The “Mobile Robot Manager” function receives and configures the travel orders from a superordinate system.

  • Connection of M-Station and OMRON AMRs
  • Transfer of travel orders from a superordinate system
  • Configuration of static travel orders (routes)
  • Currently OMRON Fleetmanager connected

        4. Fleet Manager OMRON

The “Fleet Manager OMRON” organizes and distributes the tasks of the AMR‘s taking into account the state of charge and current location.

  • Planning of transport flows for optimized loading and unloading
  • Allocation of workstations, management of „skills“ and delegation of tasks to a suitably equipped AMR
  • Transmission of updates for the entire fleet

    5. Component Manager

With the “Component Manager“, the material flow of the components is calculated in advance and controlled either manually and/or with AMRs, depending on the degree of automation of the production. In this way, the material is brought to the line in real time according to demand and the high storage costs caused by intermediate storage on the line are eliminated.

  • Different outsourcing concepts
  • Demand-oriented replenishment (PUSH)
  • Pick up for complete order
  • Support PULL concept
  • Create picking list (automatic, manual)
  • Operator guided (picking list) and/or fully automatic material supply (AIV)
  • Checking the material availability

  6. Advanced Component Manager

With the “Advanced Component Manager” the material flow is controlled in two stages between hierarchically arranged warehouse structures. The material remains in the main warehouse until it is needed. The flexibility within the production is maintained.


  1. Central warehouse to production warehouse (e.g. Dry Tower, Material Warehouse)
  2. Production warehouse to the line

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