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Discover the compact software solution from ASYS to optimize your production. PULSE PRO offers software modules that will help you to control automated material flows in the shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows. PULSE PRO is easily operated via a cockpit and meets the highest demands for simple handling. The high-quality usability is based on the tasks of the operators. Even with complex contents and functions, the users find their way to their goal quickly and easily.

The PULSE PRO module “Observe & Control“ offers a variety of monitoring possibilities to keep the overview of all connected machines. The operator always knows what is going on in every situation. The data is put into relation and is summarized according to standardized specifications. The tool maps the performance of the entire shop floor. Interrelationships become clearer, bottlenecks and downtimes are clearly visualized and can be effectively addressed or even avoided with foresight.

Always following the goal of keeping production running and increasing productivity. In addition, the PULSE PRO software solutions control the connection to MES and EPR systems. We have already implemented more than 5,000 connections to all common systems and orchestrate your shop floor with the smart apps from the PULSE PRO Software Suite.

Observe & Control – Functions

    1. Performance Monitor

The ASYS “Performance Monitor” is an analysis tool for determining and displaying important performance parameters of SMD lines. The OEE (Overall Equipment E‑ ectiveness) is calculated and displayed on the basis of the current performance, availability and quality indicators.

Only a single display is required to show the live performance (OEE) of an SMD line, including bottleneck (i.e. the slowest machine in the system) and first-pass yield. The Performance Monitor considerably shortens the morning schedule for line managers. All the necessary data are directly available when the responsible person is on the shopfloor.

Performance of the operating resources available at first glance

  • No more manual recording or calculation required
  • Immediate identification of any deviations from bottlenecks or first-pass yields
  • Reduce morning routine of the respective supervisor
  • All data directly available via push of a button

    2. Shop floor Statistics / Customized Statistics

The machine data are set in relation to each other and summarized in accordance with standardized specifications (e.g. SEMI E10 or OEE) and visualized.

  • Statistical evaluation of the stored data for the optimization of production processes
  • Calculation and visualization of standard KPI values (OEE / SEMI E10 / target/actual comparison of cycle times / cycle times of individual systems / standby times / setup times / number of assembled PCBs)
  • Display of machine type dependent evaluations (FPY / drops / assembled parts / percentage of coverage)
  • Creation of customer-specific analysis reports

    3. Smart Alerts

The smart assistance system for man-machine communication supports the operator in the production. Walking distances are reduced and line downtimes are effectively avoided thanks to early notifications.

  • Machine access control panel on tablet and PC
  • Secured functional operation with user authorization
  • Operation of the machine from any location possible
  • Central access to machine-specific documents on mobile devices
  • Receive notifications from all machines in the line
  • Avoidance of unnecessary stops due to advance warnings of material bottlenecks
  • Optimization of the visual and haptic feedback of a notification
  • Clear division of responsibilities

The “Smart Messenger” is a comprehensive chat application for communication between production employees. This enables a wide range of possible uses. Tasks are distributed faster and operators can easily request help. The „Smart Messenger“ can be used flexibly on PCs and smartwatches.

Request help from supervisor

  • Send tasks from central station to operators at the line
  • Determination of which operator takes over a task
  • Replying to messages with PULSE smart watches
  • Storage of message histories

    4. Monitoring Cam

With the “Monitoring Cam” function, the operator has the option of receiving live videos thanks to a freely placeable camera in the machine. This allows critical processes to be monitored.

  • Live video on tablet or PC
  • Free placeable camera

    5. Line Observer

With the “Line Observer“ function, it is possible to ensure continuous production and achieve greater productivity – thanks to advanced information management on the line. The “Line Observer” predicts the next tasks for the line operator on the machines of a line. By quickly informing the operator about expected station downtimes, the operator can take timely measures to minimize downtime and increase production effciency. The web-based application enables the display on a clearly visible large screen hanging above the line as well as a workstation computer in the production preparation or control station.

  • Display forecast of remaining time per container
  • Immediate display of production stops
  • Line display with “slowest” machine display
  • Views are easily configurable to customer specifications
  • Early information about expected machine downtimes
  • Clearly visible display of information for line operators

    6. Dashboard Materialflow

The “Dashboard Material Flow” function provides an overview of the status of all hardware components involved in manual or autonomous material flows.

Display of current information:

  • Status/Errors
  • Progress picking
  • Transportation order
  • Storage/Retrieval order
  • Simple statistical information (number of stored reels per day)

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