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Discover the compact software solution from ASYS to optimize your production. PULSE PRO offers software modules that will help you to control automated material flows in the shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows. PULSE PRO is easily operated via a cockpit and meets the highest demands for simple handling. The high-quality usability is based on the tasks of the operators. Even with complex contents and functions, the users find their way to their goal quickly and easily.

Precise Order Planning of the entire Shop Floor

All orders on the entire shop floor are precisely planned in the PULSE PRO module „Plan & Execute“. The orders and production times are clearly displayed in Gantt diagrams. The automatic planner distributes selected production orders on n-SMD lines and can be optimized manually.

The result is influenced by the planner by parameters (e.g. weighting of the delivery date, number of setup changes, etc.). The different simulation results can be created, deleted and compared. The best simulation result is transferred to the live planning.

Order Control

The “Order Control” app displays orders and production times clearly in Gantt diagrams. Order progress is recorded and visualized in real time and can be used directly for other tasks, such as calculating material requirements.

  • Direct order control through „live“ planning of orders in production
  • Recording of order progress in SMT and final assembly
  • Clear and intuitive user interface
  • Creation of a work plan (basis for production order with process steps)
  • Automatic notification of completed orders to the ERP system

Order Planner

In the “Order Planner” app, production orders for the SMD sector are distributed automatically and in an optimal way according to customer-specific priorities (e.g. delivery date, shift change, number of setup changes).

  • Automatic planner distributes selected production orders to n-lines
  • Result can be influenced by the planner through parameters ( delivery date priority, number of setup changes)
  • Multiple simulation results can be created, deleted and compared
  • Automatic planning can be optimized manually
  • The best simulation result can be transferred to live planning

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