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The REHM reflow oven features a robust design with a modular concept that allows enormous flexibility in the production process.


During the soldering process, substances that are released from circuit boards, solder paste or components must be filtered out of the process gas. This is why the VisionXP+ has a residue management system which recycles and cleans the process gas in the system. It combines the effect mechanisms of pyrolysis in the preheating and peak range with cold condensation in the cooling zone. Residues are separated with the help of a special granulate during pyrolysis. Long molecular chains are broken down (cracked) into smaller elements by means of thermal fission.

Temperatures from about 500 °C are required to this end. Afterwards, the molecular chains are small enough to be taken up by the granulate and removed from the production process. The granulate only needs to be changed once a year, making the pyrolysis unit easy to maintain – and you profit from minimal downtime. Your manufacturing processes continue to run smoothly.

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