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Transport System

Your component will run through various sections of the system during the soldering process: from the preheating zone, through the peak zone to the cooling zone. Secure transportation is a key entity when it comes to continuous processes. Rehm offers flexible systems for this.

Our transport systems provide the perfect fit for your components regardless of the circuit board geometry. Transport lanes and speeds are variably adjustable and enable parallel soldering processes with lead-free or leaded soldering in one reflow system. Depending on the product requirements, you can choose from various transport models such as individual and double track transport, quadruple or multi-track transport. The optional centre support enables even the processing of large circuit boards or boards with a flexible base material with ease and prevents any sagging during the reflow soldering, thus guaranteeing a maximum degree of process stability.

  • Reliable, failure-free production guaranteed by absolutely parallel transport
  • Precise and repeatable adjustment of the transport width
  • No influence of the temperature profile by transport or center board support
  • Reduced maintenance, transport drive mechanism is outside of the process chamber
  • Ideal for any application due to various transport systems
  • High process reliability by integrated center board support

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