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ViCON Analytics

Productivity, efficiency, quality The Rehm monitoring tools provide you with answers to these questions. They capture the system's data relevant to quality, costs and performance and summarize the results in clearly laid-out reports and logs. An appropriate analysis is possible as a result, and optimization processes can be initiated on the basis of these findings.

Recorder – All data points recorded:
The recorder enables you to record and observe all the data contained in the ViCON, such as temperatures, heating on/off, transport width, consumptions etc. In doing so, you can select up to 64 data points per recording job on an individual basis and set the recording time period. Once the recording programme has been started, the data which has been set according to this can be captured and logged. Every recording is available for further similar data acquisition operations and can be accessed again at any time. You therefore have the option of drawing conclusions about the processes within the system with the help of the logged data at any time and rectify them as part of predictive maintenance.

Professional Capability System (ProCap):
ProCap offers continuous statistical process stability control and was tailored especially for the application on the Vision series system by Rehm. Using sensitive sensor technology, the temperature and the heat input is measured continuously over the complete assembly throughout the soldering process, and the process parameters are saved automatically for the product at the initial start-up. Each further assembly is compared with the parameters saved about this product. To do this, the first 50 assemblies of the products are measured and compared as ‘statistical process control’. Statistical variables, such as the natural variance of the process, are determined in this baseline. This gives an average value as a reference for all further measurements. and enables conclusions to be drawn about the stability of the production process, the machine capability and the reproducibility of the soldering profile.

KIC RPI – Reflow Process Index

KIC RPI supplies information primarily using the key parameters of a reflow oven about how well the profile meets the required specification. This is regardless of the type of oven, PCB type, personnel and geographic position. The profile overview can be called at any time together with the production data and ensures that the system operates efficiently. The RPI has been developed in such a way that it improves production quality by ensuring that each PCB is manufactured within the specification. The result is an improved operating time, less waste, a reduction in rework and a reduction in the input required. To be able to use KIC RPI effectively, the appropriate conditions must be created in terms of the hardware. The system must accordingly be fitted with the KIC probes, thermal sensors along the transport routes in the processing chamber. Their purpose is to monitor and record the temperatures. The KIC temperature profiler is also required, which is used to carry out the trial run necessary for the statistical analysis, to be able to check the system’s process stability. KIC RPI is a software tool from KIC Thermal that is implemented in our ViCON operating software.


Profiling with equipment from Solderstar (ProMetrics)

With Solderstar’s many years of experience, we have a competent partner by our side for the creation and optimization of temperature profiles during reflow soldering. The Solderstar PRO thermoprofiling systems include a compact data logger with Solderstar Smartlink connectors. The system transmits live profile data directly to Solderstar’s AutoSeeker software from Solderstar. After that, the profile can be transferred directly from the Solderstar interface to ViCON under ProMetrics.
In the ViCON, the limits of the process can be defined by means of the envelope curve. The generation of real-time data per assembly allows the exact determination of the position of the assembly and reliably detects any deviations or delays in the soldering system. Approaches to the specification limit are detected immediately. In addition, the PWI (Process Window Index) is displayed. With ProMetrics, we offer you for the first time a tool with which you can stably determine whether the preset profile lies within the defined envelope curve in single, double-track and also vacuum systems. In addition, the integrated system in the ViCON offers data analysis per board and direct transfer of the data to the MES.

Remote maintenance – Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

Remote maintenance, the Remote Administration Tool allows data to be exchanged worldwide between a Rehm reflow soldering system and the service team at the company’s head office, as required. This guarantees quality help without any loss of time. You therefore not only save time and costs but also increase the availability of the production system.

Highlights ViCON Analytics

  • Product-specific monitoring
  • Log process deviations and user errors
  • Identify gradual changes
  • Enables predictive maintenance
  • Offline analysis of the logged data for optimum process sequences
  • Targeted support from Rehm experts

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