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ViCON Connect

ViCON Connect makes managing and monitoring multiple production lines much more efficient. Interconnectivity between facilities allows you to follow production constantly, while managing and monitoring processes without long distances in production. You can even access systems at other sites using the right connection (VNC or VPN). Rapid response to alarm notifications along with troubleshooting significantly increase production efficiency.

Optimum networking of Rehm machinery: ViCON Connect is a system specially developed by Rehm to control and monitor all Rehm systems that are located within a company network, across all sites worldwide! ViCON Connect enables you to access your Rehm systems in a clear and structured way.
At first glance, you will see all the systems linked to ViCON Connect that can be dialled directly. This direct access provides you with virtually the same operating and monitoring functions as on the system computer, only excluding the functionalities relevant to security.

Highlights ViCON Connect

  • Monitor all machinery
  • Flexible working
  • Direct system access
  • Prepare operation from a remote workstation
  • Effective operation for efficient production
  • Integrated analysis tools

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