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WORKS Integration

Based on feedback from the SMT Smart Network and the experience we have collected from customers all over the world, ASMPT's experts have identified eight central workflows in the SMT factory: four line workflows (planning, virtual production, process optimization, production), and four factory workflows (material management, preparation, factory monitoring, factory integration). The importance of each of these workflows varies by manufacturer and product type. The most successful producers in their respective fields have been very good at organizing their workflows. Without smart planning, control and monitoring tools, employees tend to lose track and the ability to work quickly, efficiently and error-free. To prove this point, errors and extra work occur most frequently where the flow of information gets backed up or interrupted – for example, because tools and systems are not properly linked and are unable to communicate with each other in a process-oriented manner.

Integration – Enable the unimpeded flow of data


  • Your location becomes part of a global network.
  • Connect all your production sites and locations.

Benefit from making your production part of a global network. This makes all your locations transparent as if you were everywhere at the same time and enables you to integrate your SMT production into overarching value chains of your enterprise or your customers.

At the same time, you can deploy experts in more than one location and therefore much more efficiently by using remote systems, mobile devices and data glasses. The same applies to technical support from equipment suppliers. Remote support systems allow their technicians to access your equipment and processes for diagnostics as well as predictive and preventive maintenance.


The success of automation in your electronics production stands and falls with the availability of easy-to-operate interfaces and data hubs for the free flow of data. Open interfaces and transparency are key in this context. WORKS features both and ensures that all production-relevant data flows to where it is needed, for example to the MES. In this way, old systems can be replaced, and new systems integrated quickly and easily.

Key features:

  • Standardized interfaces for all ASMPT solutions
  • Seamless data exchange
  • Transmission of machine, production or process data events
  • Interaction with upper-level ERP/MES and other 3rd-party systems


  • Easy and seamless system integration
  • Transmit production and process data in the way you need it

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