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Safety stocks, extended searching, material tourism and material-related line stops are symptoms of missing tools as well as weaknesses in SMT-specific material management. Smart tools, on the other hand, deliver full transparency from receiving to placement and let you see where materials are located at all times. Any changes in order sequences and processes are communicated instantly to all process steps like warehousing, storage systems, MSD cabinets, setup preparation, and the lines themselves. And the placement machines request refills on their own with sufficient lead time. In a high-mix SMT factory, material management becomes a process that is critical for success.

Material Management

  • Process-oriented material flow transparency.
  • You want a transparent and process-oriented material flow in your production.

Logistic – Organize your material flows

Material management is critical for the success of your production operations. What you need are integrated material flow solutions that don’t just administer inventories but actively support all material-related processes on the factory floor.

With WORKS, you get complete and process-oriented transparency and administration of materials from receiving to placement. It provides an overview of the availability of materials prior to production: What components are actually on hand? Where are they physically located? Which components must not be used? WORKS answers all these questions – before bottlenecks and machine downtimes can slow down your production.

Key features:

  • Transparent management of production orders
  • Monitoring of all component supplying and preparation tasks
  • Optimized material handling
  • On time material delivery for offline preparation
  • Automated material replenishment process


  • On time component supply for production
  • Maximized line utilization

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