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WORKS Monitoring

Monitoring: keep an eye on your production in real time. Only what is measured can be improved and ultimately optimized. This is especially true in electronics manufacturing, and WORKS offers innovative possibilities for doing it. It collects and displays data from the machines directly, automatically and in real time so that you can monitor the production status at all times in the form of KPIs. Factory monitoring in real time enables you to respond instantly to all sorts of events while the flexible analysis of historical data highlights trends and process changes.

Factory Monitoring

  • Control requires transparency – in real time.
  • Optimize your production based on real-time data.

To optimize a process, you must be able to measure it. That definitely applies to the Smart SMT Factory, and modern systems offer whole new sets of capabilities. Data can be collected from the machines directly and automatically in real time.

Intelligent software aggregates this data into informative KPIs with options for quick and flexible drill-downs or the tracking of individual products and components.

Modern factory monitoring also highlights process irregularities. It promptly alerts technicians or managers if necessary and provides them with the information they need – anywhere, anytime, and almost any device.

Key features:

  • Real-time visualization of production performance
  • Comprehensive evaluation of KPIs
  • Notification when threshold values are exceeded
  • Automatic reporting
  • Analysis of production history


  • Maximized line overall effectiveness
  • Minimized risks of production delay

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