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WORKS Operation

Operations: control materials and distribute tasks. To ensure maximum productivity and quality, SMT production lines must run continuously. Comprehensive material control on each line and the intelligent, automated distribution of tasks are crucial for a smooth, continuous operation. WORKS offers all the essentials in a single interface and helps you to assign your employees to the appropriate tasks in accordance with their availability and skills. The result: faster response times and improved line productivity.

The application for smart working in the Intelligent Factory

With powerfull software from the software suite WORKS, you get the most from your lines while reducing your employees’ workloads and controlling and optimizing your production and material flows. WORKS Command Center bundles requests from the shopfloor, prioritizes them, and assigns them proactively and skill-based with sufficient lead time.

The assist requests of the lines then appear as tasks on the mobile device of an available operator or, if the task can be completed remotely, on a desktop at the workplace. The result is the efficient execution of assists across lines in flexible, smart operator pools.

Key features:

  • Centralization of alarms and assist requests from the lines
  • Automated distribution of tasks to your operator pool
  • Assist requests sent to smart devices
  • Intelligent operator guidance
  • Remote assistance


  • Efficient line operation
  • Increased productivity

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