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Optimization: improve your efficiency continuously. Making continuous improvements in your production ensures the future viability and competitiveness of your entire company and is a major factor in the productivity of highly flexible factories. So why not take advantage of expert systems that are available 24/7? They maximize your quality and first yield rates at all times by identifying on their own the settings that ensure process stability. Artificial intelligence helps to optimize processes automatically and autonomously. The benefits: stable printing processes, significant time savings, reduced costs, and improved productivity.

Process Optimization

Processes that improve on their own

Solutions for self-optimizing processes are the next step in electronic production.

Even the smallest changes in product, process and environmental parameters affect the output quality of the electronics production. Today, even minor modifications often require time-consuming test runs that keep highly specialized employees busy.

In the Smart SMT Factory, all relevant process parameters are monitored and controlled in real time.
The real revolution: modern expert systems can optimize the line processes completely on their own and without any manual intervention.
The systems learn autonomously and become better and more accurate with each print and/or placement. They are a great way to maximize quality and first-yield rates for the long term – the most important factors for the productivity of high-mix production environments.

Key features:

  • Recommendations on best possible process parameters
  • Autonomous process optimization through machine learning
  • Continuous process monitoring and process control
  • Root cause analysis across assembled boards


  • Minimized efforts for process optimization
  • Highest quality in SMT assembly

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