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WORKS Preparation

Preparation: Ensure an error-free setup process. In today’s closely linked and time-critical production processes, even the smallest setup error can be a real efficiency killer. WORKS is the ideal and easy-to-use partner for quick, error-free setups and order management. The work preparation module can determine and monitor the production order and actively monitor the machine setups. The result: faster and more efficient setups and uninterrupted production.


  • Everything ready for an on-time production start.
  • Optimize your setup preparation for maximum efficiency and line utilization.

Frequent setup changeovers are a characteristic of modern and efficient production environments. Insiders know that any delay or error in the setup process leads to line stops and reduces your efficiency. Smart workflows support your employees in every phase of the setup preparation process.

Monitors display impending setup changeovers far in advance, and intelligent software provides guidance for prioritizing setups on all lines of your plant. The system supports order-specific as well as line-specific setup strategies.

The system also knows the location of each feeder and automatically verifies each setup. Short material paths are an additional efficiency booster. Items that are still needed for upcoming setups stay in the preparation area, and intelligent feeders let operators know at the push of a button whether they should be torn down or moved to intermediate storage.

Key features:

  • Efficient offline feeder setup preparation
  • Quick and efficient setup changeover
  • Flexibility in setup strategy
  • Reliable component replenishment


  • Best quality in setup preparation
  • Efficient setup changeover for maximum line uptime

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