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WORKS Programming

Programming: relieve production lines through offline programming. You can improve your productivity already during the programming process. With its uniform programming environment, WORKS lets you program all your SMT lines quickly and conveniently. WORKS ensures the creation and validation of placement programs for multiple lines with features ranging from CAD data importation to component descriptions to placement simulations. Printing programs are created offline, administered in a central database, and downloaded to the line together with the placement programs when the production run starts.


Top line throughput, top quality

Let your lines run non-stop and with maximum output quality for maximum productivity.

Modern SMT lines are extremely powerful. But all this performance can only be fully utilized if the operators receive proper support and guidance, ranging from displaying the job progress and warning of impending refilling operations to providing help with troubleshooting.

Other operations range from automatic material requests issued by the machines themselves and barcode-driven automatic program changeovers to automatic board support and “self-healing” functions like nozzle replacements and pitch corrections.

Smart production processes require a bare minimum of manual operations and support the operations staff with timely information. The number of line stops drops significantly while overall line productivity increases – even in factories with small lot sizes.

Key features:

  • Centralized data management for DEK and SIPLACE programs
  • Process-oriented offline programming
  • Object based libraries for easy data maintenance
  • Offline simulation with virtual production steps
  • Direct download to the line


  • Fast and easy programming
  • Maximized line uptime

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