The DIVISIO 1000 is the ideal entry-level machine for lowstress, automatic PCB depaneling applications.
With a footprint of only 1.2 m² and a working area of 2 times 350 mm x 400 mm, it is the smallest solution for depaneling
with a milling cutter.
The machine is ideal for the production of prototypes, small batches and as a backup for inline production.
The dynamic milling axis is installed above the 2 drawer shuttle system. The X and Y-axis are driven with linear motors whereas
the Z-axis is pneumatic driven.
What makes this system particularly interesting is the standard integration of a camera system for fi ducial recognition and
image guided program generation.



  • Right hand appliance on touch screen
  • Navigation on right screen side
  • Functions ordered downside on screen
  • Simple and safe fault clearance
  • Combined function sides
  • Large information notifications
  • Same appearance on every ASYS machine


Adapter coding, machine

  • Software for checking that product specific adapter matches to the loaded routing program
  • Prevention of operator errors
  • Prevention of damages to router bits,fixtures and product






Technical Data

Technical Data for the DIVISIO 1000

Machine Configuration
Transport height 850 mm ± 50 mm
Operating side Front of the machine
Panel Dimensions
Panel length 50 to 400 mm
Panel width 50 to 350 mm
Panel thickness 0.5 to 4.5 mm
Panel weight max. 4,5 kg
Component height, spindle-side 8 mm; partial 18 mm (other height on request)
Component height, adapter-side 40 mm; partial 70 mm (depending of fixing pins)
Installation Requirements
Power supply 400 V, 208 V 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10%
Power supply system 3L + N + PE
Fuse protection 3 x C16 A without ELCB
Power consumption 3,3 kW
Air supply 6 bar
Air consumption 120 Nl/min
Machine Description
Length x Width x Height 1000 x 1200 x 1480 mm
Weight 800 kg (standard equipped)
Axis speed max. X,Y= 1000 mm/s, Z= pneumatic
Axis acceleration max. X,Y= 10 m/s², Z= pneumatic
Positioning ≤ ± 0,01 mm (20°C ±1°C)
Repeatability ≤ ± 0,005 mm (20°C ±1°C)
Depaneling accuracy ± 0,08 mm with Vision System (20°C ±1°C)
Noise < 75 dB(A) (possible deviations due to material mix of the panel)