The DIVISIO 6000 is a high dynamic depaneling system formaximum output. The module units are split in the following processes: „depaneling“,“fi nal assembly“ and „feeding next process“ By this it is possible to adapt to speed or processapplications.
The cut curcuits will be laid down on the centrally placed turntable by the carbon-fi bre-portal in the front. The „final assembly“ is carried out on the turntable. At the same time the second carbon-fi bre-portal takes the fi nished circuits at the other side of the table and sorts them into a freely choosable outlet.
By using parallel processes the DIVISIO 6000 can run optimum cycle times.


Routing module with spindle 500 W

  • Automatic tool exchange with 8-up tool magazine ( at Type 1 ),
    12-up tool magazine (at Type 2 )


  • Tool management
    • Break monitoring
    • Length monitoring
    • Diameter control
    • Cutting force monitoring
    • Lifetime monitoring
    • Dynamic ayerage utilization of flute length


Function DIVISIO 6000

  1. Product picked up from feed  conveyor with the gripper
  2. Separation of the tabs in the panel
  3. PCBs deposited
  4. Disposal of panel waste



  • Right hand appliance on touch screen
  • Navigation on right screen side
  • Functions ordered downside on screen
  • Simple and safe fault clearance
  • Combined function sides
  • Large information notifications
  • Same appearance on every ASYS machine




Technical Data

Technical Data for the DIVISIO 6000

Machine Confi guration
Transport height 850 mm ± 50 mm
Max. transport width 460 mm
Interface Siemens, SMEMA
Transfer direction From left to right
Operating side Front of the machine
Fixed rail Front of the machine
Panel Dimensions
Panel length 20 to 460 mm (others on request)
Panel width 20 to 460 mm (others on request)
Panel thickness 0.8 to 5 mm
Panel weight max. 4 kg
PCB weight max. 1,5 kg
Component height, spindle-side 8 mm; partial 18 mm (other height on request)
Component height, gripper-side 40 mm
Installation Requirements
Power supply 400 V, 208 V 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10%
Power supply system 3L + N + PE
Fuse protection 3 x C32 A without ELCB
Power consumption 4,0 kW
Air supply 6 bar
Air consumption 120 Nl/min
Machine Description
Length x Width x Height 1200 x 2960 x 1688 mm
Weight 2800 kg (standard equipped)
Speed X,Y=2000 mm/sec, Z= 1000 mm/sec
Acceleration X,Y=20 m/s², Z=15 m/s²
Positioning ± 0,02 mm (20°C ±1°C)
Repeatability ± 0,005 mm (20°C ±1°C)
Cut accuracy ± 0,08 mm with Vision System (20°C ±1°C)
± 0,12 mm without Vision System (20°C ±1°C)
Noise Level < 75 dB(A) (possible deviations due to material mix of the panel)