The DIVISIO 8000 Series is a machine platform for laser depaneling of rigid and flex PCBs. A hard stone base allows for maximum stability and precision. Different beam sources are available to adapt the laser cutting process to the substrate material. The system is available as a stand-alone manual loading system or fully automated in-line. For in-line operation various product specific carrier transport and fixture systems are available. Camera vision is used for machine calibration and offset correction by fiducials. The system uses a precise XY-stage and a fast galvo scanner for a step&scan process to optimize throughput and accuracy.


_ Dust free and stress free depaneling of flexible and rigid PCBs
_ High positioning accuracy
_ DIN language controlled (CNC) cutting recipes
_ Integrated camera vision system
_ State of the art beam sources and optics for improved cutting result


_ 7 W UV Laser for flex and thin FR4 material
_ 14 W UV Laser for higher throughput
_ 30 W Green Laser for cutting thick FR4
_ 40 W Green Laser for higher throughput
_ CO2-Laser for polyimide cutting and niche applications
_ Focus shift for thicker PCBs and to match carrier height
_ Laser power measurement
_ Laser power calibration
_ ASYCAM software for easy import of CAD (DXF) data
_ Exhaust and filter system
_ External water chiller
_ Database integration
_ Inline transport on carriers and carrier return systems

Machine configuration

Transport height
Operating side
Working Area
Scan field
950 mm ± 50 mm
Front of the machine
460 mm × 305 mm
50 mm x 50 mm up to 80 mm x 80 mm

Panel Dimensions


Panel length
Panel width
Panel thickness
Panel weight max.
PCB weight max.
Component clearance
up to 460mm
up to 305mm
0.1 to 1.6mm
+ 40mm

Installation requirements

Power supply
Power consumption
CDA supply
CDA consumption
Water cooling
Ambient Temperature
3/N/ PE AC 400/230V 50 Hz
UV-Laser 5.6 kW avg., GR-Laser 2.7 KW avg.
6 bar
20 Nl/min
10l/min, 15°C
22°C ± 1°C
50% ± 20% (non cond.)

Machine description

Length × width × height
Clearance at back side
Laser type
Positioning accuracy
Repeatability accuracy
Cutting accuracy
Fiducial camera
Noise Level
1090 × 1800 × 1455 mm
1040 mm
UV 343 nm, GR 532nm, CO2 9300nm
± 15 μm @ 4 STD
± 5 μm @ 4 STD
± 25 μm with Vision System @ 4 STD
25 mm x 18 mm FoV
approx. 1725 Kg
Basic Light / RAL 7015 / RAL 4010
< 75 dB(A)

POLYPHOS Laser Brochure

Model Overview and Options