DIVISIO 2000/2100/2300

The routing axis of the DIVISIO 2XXX can optionally be mounted above or below the electrically driven rotary table. This gives the system the flexibility to represent a verified production process. It can therefore be used without any restrictions as back-up for the inline production.


_ Linear motors for highest dynamics and accuracy
_ Rotary-table with two working areas
_ Touch screen monitor
_ SIMPLEX HMI offers comfortable operation
_ Ionization unit
_ Automatic tool change with 2 routers per magazine
_ Complete tool management
     + Breakage control
     + Length verification
     + Diameter check
     + Life span monitoring
     + Dynamic utilization of full router bit
_ Automatic maintenance schedule


_ Routing module (from top/bottom) or sawing unit
(from top)
_ Robot interface
_ ASYCAM CAD data conversion
_ Camerasystem
     + Fiducial recognition
    + Cut inspection
    + Teach function
    + Correction function
    + Bad mark recognition
    + Code read
_ Dust extraction
_ Manual suction unit
_ Low pressure control
_ Adapter technology
    + Product-specific adapters
    + Magnetic pin placement
    + Adapter coding for up to 255 adapters
_ Upgrade of automated router bit change to 8 bits
_ Traceability function
_ MES interface

Machine configuration

Transport height
Operating side
Panel (max. LxB)
Routing from top
Routing from bottom
Sawing from top in X or Y
Sawing from top in X and Y
850mm ±50mm
Front of the machine
from 460 x 360mm to 720 x 500mm
from 460 x 360mm to 720 x 500mm
460 x 460mm
460 x 460mm (Option)
460 x 360mm (Option)

Panel Dimensions

Panel length
Panel width
Panel thickness
Panel weight max.
Component height, spindle-side
Component height, adapter-side
from 50 to 720mm
from 50 to 500mm
0.5 to 4.5mm
8mm; partial 18mm (other height on request)
40mm; partial 70mm (depending of fixing pins)

Installation requirements

Power supply
Power supply system
Fuse protection
Connection type
Power consumption (without suction)
Air supply
Air consumption
400V, 208V 50/60Hz, ±10%
3L + N + PE
3x C32 A
Fixed connection
from 0.4kW  to 0.7kW

Machine description

Length x Width x Height
Axis speed max.
Axis acceleration max.
Depaneling accuracy
from 1320 x 1970 x 1480mm to 1880 x 2796 x 1522mm
1150kg (standard equipped)
X,Y= 2000mm/s, Z= 1000mm/s
X,Y= 20m/s², Z= 15m/s²
≤ ±0.01mm (20°C ±1°C)
≤ ±0.005mm (20°C ±1°C)
±0.08mm with Vision System (20°C ±1°C) or ±0.12mm without Vision System (20°C ±1°C)
< 75dB(A) (possible deviations due to material mix of the panel)