The DIVISIO 6000 is a high dynamic depaneling system for maximum throughput rates. In addition to the high throughput, a modular system enables the integration of final assembly processes. The modular design provides a wide range of freedom. The functional areas for ‘depaneling’ and ‘feeding to follow-up process’ are supplemented with a new, additional functional area which enables simple adaptation to speed or process applications. The cut curcuits will be laid down on the centrally placed turntable by the carbon-fibre-axis in the front. The “final assembly“ is carried out on the turntable. At the same time the second carbon-fibre-axis takes the finished circuits at the other side of the table and sorts them into a freely choosable outlet. By using parallel processes the DIVISIO 6000 can run optimum cycle times.


_ 2 carbon-fibre handling axis
_ Linear motors for highest dynamics and accuracy
_ Ionisation unit
_ Segmental inlet
_ Quick exchange of gripper finger
_ Automatic tool change
_ Complete tool management
     + Breakage control
     + Length verification
     + Diameter check
     + Life span monitoring
     + Dynamic utilization of full router bit
_ Automatic maintenance schedule


_ Unloading system with servo rotating module (C-axis)
_ Automatic gripper finger changeover
_ Camerasystem
     + Fiducial recognition
     + Cut inspection
     + Teach function
     + Correction function
     + Bad mark recognition
     + Code read
_ Dust extraction
_ Manual suction unit
_ Low pressure control
_ Automatic product changing
_ ASYCAM CAD data conversion
_ Customized transport modules
_ Customized data interface
_ Global remote control

Machine configuration

Transport height
Max. transport width
Transfer direction
Operating side
Fixed rail
850mm ±50mm
Siemens, SMEMA
From left to right
Front of the machine
Front of the machine

Panel Dimensions

Panel length
Panel width
Panel thickness
Panel weight max.
PCB weight max.
Component height, spindle-side
Component height, gripper-side
up to 360mm
up to 320mm
0.8 to 4.5mm
8mm; partial 18mm 

Installation requirements

Power supply
Power supply system
Fuse protection
Connection type
Power consumption (without suction)
Air supply
Air consumption
400V, 208V 50/60Hz, ±10%
3L + N + PE
3x C32 A
Fixed connection

Machine description

Length x Width x Height
Noise Level
1448 x 2229 x 2008mm
1250kg (standard equipped)
±0.015mm (20°C ±1°C)
±0.005mm (20°C ±1°C)
< 75dB(A)

DIVISIO Brochure

Model Overview and Options