Renting or Leasing



Renting, your next SMT Equipment

  • Less capital bindings & variable cost
  • Easy & fast access to customer request
  • Always the latest equipment in your factory floor
  • Most manufacturers from one source


Leasing, your next SMT Equipment

  • Leasing & Finance Solutions
  • We help you in getting what you need at affordable price


We offer both financial solutions!


With over 30 years of experience 

We are able to tailor a unique and flexible financing solution for your company that includes service and technical benefits that are incomparable with traditional Leasing & Bank financing models. We are global but local, and we deliver our services in all countries. We use our own team to cover our customers, but if we don’t have our own team in the country we work closely together with the OEM and their local agents

 and others …

SMT Renting Partners

SMT Renting is available for most SMT suppliers within the Electronic Manufacturing Industry – either for single machines or total line solutions new as well as pre-used. We work directly with the manufacturer or their local established sales + service network.


 It’s the usages that adds value, Not the ownership…



  • Always Brand New SMT equipment and the latest technology
  • Rent a Complete SMT line or single machines
  • Choose Between 36-60 months renting contract
  • STOP & SWAP to new Technology or Capacity within the renting period



  • Perfectly Designed for unexpected short-term capacity needs
  • Capacity on Demand – rent your SMT equipment when you need it
  • Shorter renting periods with 24-36 months contracts makes it easier for your company to win new business at less risk
  • Continue with Re-Renting or change to other equipment after rental period



  • Only a subscribing fee as long you need the equipment.
  • A fixed monthly fee or flexible Pay per Use that relates to your actual production need
  • Subscribe from 36 to 60 months
    30% fixed cost & 70% variable cost according to your actual usage

Technology Guarantee Renting

With SMT-Renting’s Technology Guarantee Renting solution you are always guaranteed brand new SMT equipment and the latest technology, all in one fixed monthly fee with a ramp up period at lower cost.
You always have the option to choose between complete SMT lines or single machines in a renting period from 24 to 60 months.

During your renting period you always have our unique STOP & SWAP option, which gives your company the possibility to change to new technology and capacity within the renting period.

SMT-Renting’s unique STOP & SWAP option keeps you ahead of your competitors as you can adapt and adjust your SMT technology and capacity to your current and future production needs.

When capacity changes or new technology needs to be implemented, we help you upgrade or change equipment

After the conclusion of the rental contract you have the choice between the following flexible options:
– Re rent existing equipment for an agreed new period at a lower rate
– Replace with new equipment start a new contract
– Purchase equipment at competitive market price
– Return equipment to SMTR

Flexible Renting



Many of our contract customers have to work with volatile forecasts which can change capacity requirements unexpectantly.

The risks of investing in new capital SMT equipment to try and win new business is therefore high. The company will face the risks of ownership and high depreciation rates, and needs to utilize the equipment as long as possible to be profitable.

Don’t worry! We can support you with SMT-Renting’s Flexible Renting solution perfectly designed for unexpected short-term capacity needs. With shorter renting periods from 24 to 36 months contracts, SMT-Renting helps to make it easier for your company to win new business at lower risk – we call it Capacity On Demand, and you have option to rent your SMT equipment when you need it.

After each renting period you can always choose between 4 flexible options:
– Re-Rent in a new period
– Rent New Equipment
– Purchase at Competitive Market prices
– Return the equipment to us.

Pay Per Use



With SMT-Renting’s unique Pay Per Use solution, we offer you a lower monthly fixed fee for the SMT equipment you need, and during your renting period and you simply Pay Per Use that relates to your actual production needs.

Choose between renting periods from 36 to 60 months with 30% fixed cost & 70% variable cost according to your actual usage.

After each renting period you can always choose between 4 flexible options:
– Re-Rent in a new period
– Rent New Equipment
– Purchase at Competitive Market prices
– Return the equipment to us.

Understanding Real Cost of Ownership



  • Procurement & Negotiation with Multiple Suppliers
  • Reduced Performance & Productivity
  • Obsolete Equipment
  • Management & Tracking Costs
  • Depreciation & Loss From Unexpected Demand Changes
  • Cost of Capital & Internal Rate Return
  • Maintenance, Calibration & Repairs
  • Time To Market & Missed Business Opportunities

SMT Renting 

Single Equipment     

All prices are from & as an indication in Euro & excl. installation, training &service.

* Please ask for types of equipment You need with a Renting offer & periods.

Are you prepared to get your leases on balance?

Five building blocks determine the incremental borrowing rate.

  1. The lessee, reflected in a company-specific credit rating
  2. The notional amount of the lease or effective funds borrowed
  3. The quality of the underlying collateral
  4. The economic environment, including the jurisdiction and currency of the lease
  5. The term of the lease arrangement

Specialist Team

Feel free to customize the production and requirements based on your company’s needs.

Ole Thers

Ole Thers

CEO of SMT-Renting

Christian Thers

Christian Thers

Business Manager of SMT-Renting

Gianluca Garbellini

Gianluca Garbellini

Sales Manager of SDG