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Benefits of the ASM ProcessExpert:

  • Stable, automatically controlled printing processes
  • Flexible, state-of-the-art SPI technology with innovative digital light processors featuring software-controlled micro-mirrors
  • Your choice of classic process control with alarms, stops, etc., or autonomous control of printers and printing parameters by the ASM ProcessExpert.
  • Improved stability thanks to early printing process simulation based on CAD/Gerber data (DFM HealthCheck with virtual printing)
  • Quick and reliable new product introductions and maximized first yield – fractional experiments determine the best process parameters for a specific product with a few test prints
  • Self-learning expert system for enterprise-wide printing process optimization
  • More uptime with steady printing quality – understencil cleaning based on actual need instead of fixed cycles



ASM ProcessExpert: SMT lines optimize themselves

The ASM ProcessExpert is the world’s first self-learning inline expert system for electronics manufacturing. It consists of the real-time ASM ProcessEngine software and the ASM ProcessLens, an innovative, high-precision 5D solder paste measurement system whose advanced 3D and 2D SPI technology features a software-controlled digital light processor with 8 million micro-mirrors.

Here’s how the ASM ProcessExpert works: By continuously adding measurement information to its database, the ASM ProcessEngine builds up its knowledge of your printing processes while taking into account the interdependencies of the various parameters and the stencil design. Also revolutionary is the fact that the database can be shared by multiple ASM ProcessEngines so that each system can learn from the experiences of other lines, other products, and even other factories. The ASM ProcessExpert forgets nothing and considers even the smallest details. The ASM ProcessEngine uses all this information to propose ideal settings to your operators or optionally control your printing processes autonomously.

The ASM ProcessExpert ensures stable printing processes and speeds up new product introductions with great precision. It lowers your costs and delivers significant improvements in line yield and productivity

Special features of the ASM ProcessExpert:

  • Active process control at all times 
    The ASM ProcessExpert controls all printing results and corrects printing parameters before they exceed predefined thresholds. It even optimizes cleaning cycles based on actual contamination, not fixed cycles.
  • DFM HealthCheck 
    By running “virtual prints” based on the stencil data, the ASM ProcessExpert identifies all relevant printing parameters and points out critical areas in the stencil layout that may prevent a stable printing process. In addition, the user can change parameters and see the results.
  • Fast NPIs with “fractional experiments” 
    When new products must be introduced, the ASM ProcessExpert determines the parameters for optimum results by running new test prints.