The INSIGNUM Variety is a flexible system for marking and cutting labels via laser. In contrast to standard systems, the machine can mark many different types of materials and apply the labels onto components with variable heights. A particular highlight is the machine’s ability to mark any label size. A laser-markable foil is fed from a roll into the machine. The laser subsequently marks the foil and cuts it to the required size in one step. The machine thus combines the best features of labelling and laser marking into one system. To reach the required accuracy, a camera system first measures the label. Using an adjustable servo driven axis in X, Y and Z, the label is positioned and applied to components up to a height of 40 mm in one continuous process. To ensure easy maintenance and handling, the label feeder is installed in a drawer which can be pulled out when new material is required. Productspecific data and labels can be configured and saved via the machine software.


_ Rotating applicator head ± 360°
_ Optical correction system
_ Quick change nozzle system
_ Fiducial
_ Bad mark
_ Orientation check
_ Integrated flip station


_ Maintenance display for the feeder
_ Labelling of different component heights
_ Low maintenance
_ Highly flexible

Technical Properties

Footprint: Length: 1000 mm
Width: 1.298 mm
Height: 1.580 mm
PCB Dimension: Length: 70 mm – 460 mm
Width: 50 mm – 460 mm
Thickns.: 0.8 mm – 4.0 mm
Power: 230 V / 115 V; 16 A
50/60 Hz

Panel Dimensions

Panel length
Panel width
Panel thickness
Panel weight
Component height
70 to 460 mm
50 to 460 mm
0.8 to 4.0 mm
Up to 3 kg
+ / – 40 mm


Integrated flip unit:
Marking, reading, placement:
6,0 sec.
3,6 sec. (complete turnhandling)
4,8 sec.
3  sec. (two fiducials)

Performance Data

Marking area:
CO2 Laser:
460 mm x 460 mm
7,5 mil dots
2D Codes, 1D Codes
+/- 0,5 mm
10 Watt
4,8 sec.