INSIGNUM 1000 Laser

The INSIGNUM 1000 Laser is an inline or offline Marking System which utilizes a CO2 laser for direct marking onto various types of plastic PCBs. Alternatively the machine can be
equipped with a fibre laser for marking of other materials e.g. metals. The object to be marked is placed in a drawer, fixed in position and then slid under a fixed position laser, where the PCB subsequently marked. After the marking process has completed, an acoustic alarm is issued, a message appears on the monitor and the drawer can be pulled out again. Alternatively, the machine can be equipped with a conveyor. The PCB is transported into the machine. A manually positioned laser unit then marks the PCB.


_ Product specific nest
_ Coded nest
_ Fibre laser
_ Exhaust system
_ Flip station
_ Loader and unloader controlled by the INSIGNUM 1000 Laser
_ Manual loading via feed conveyor
_ Side clamp

Machine configuration

Transport height
Max. transport width
Transfer direction
Operating side
Fixed rail
850 mm ± 50 mm
460 mm ( Conveyor) ; 300 mm (Drawer)
Siemens, SMEMA
From left to right / from right to left
Front of the machine
Front of the machine

Panel Dimensions

Panel length
Panel width
Panel thickness
Panel weight
Component height
70 to 460 mm (Conveyor) ; Up to 300 mm (Drawer)
50 to 460 mm; Up to 300 mm (Drawer)
0.8 to 3.0 mm
Up to 3 kg
Up to 40 mm ( Conveyor) ; Up to 80 mm (Drawer)

Installation requirements

Power supply
Power supply system
Power consumption
Air supply
Air consumption
230 V / 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10 %
L1 + N + PE
0.69 kW
6 bar
<10 Nl/min

Machine description

Length × width × height
Max laser window
Noise level
530 × 1550 × 1480 mm
140 × 140 mm
Data Matrix ECC200 (Cellsize ≥ 0.191 mm (7.5 mil)), Code 39, Code 128, 2/5 Interleaved
± 0.5 mm
< 75 dB


Machine networking via IC Net


Model Overview and Options

Marking and Reading Systems

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