Technical data





Placement Machine E by SIPLACE
Heads CP14, CP12, CP12/PP, CP6/PP, TH
PCB Size(LxW) 1,200 x 460 mm
PCB Thickness 0.3 – 4.5 mm
Feeder Capacity 120 x 8 mm
Power Supply 3 x 200/208/220/230/380/400/415 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 KW
Compressed Air 5.0 bar (0.5 MPa) – 10.0 bar (1.0 MPa)
Air Consumption 90 NL/Min 90 NL/Min 140 NL/Min
Dimension (LxW) 1,500 mm x 1,666 mm
Weight 1,850 kg
Placement heads CP14 CP12 CP12/PP CP6/PP TH
Component spectrum 01005 to 01005 to 01005 to 01005 to 0201 to
6 x 6 mm 18.7 x 18.7 mm 45 x 98 mm 45 x 98 mm 200 x 110 mm
Component heights 4 mm 7.5 mm 19 mm 19 mm 25 mm
Accuracy (3 sigma) 41 µm 41 µm 37.5 µm 37.5 µm 22 µm
IPC rating 25.000 cph 15.400 cph 15.000 cph 9.500 cph 3.200 cph


E by SIPLACE stands for top quality the German way. It lets you place components with more precision and with the right force – even super-small 01005 components. You please your customers, open up new markets, and protect your investment for the future.

High placement quality of the E by SIPLACE is based on the latest technologies and components.


  • precisely controlled line drives
  • standard placement force control
  • the SIPLACE digital vision systems that is already setting standards in the high-end segment
  • All perfectly coordinated in the new E by SIPLACE.

Digital vision system

How do you check tens of thousands of components per hour? Seamlessly and reliably?

The E by SIPLACE provides a surprising answer. For the first time, a machine in this performance category employs technologies that were previously reserved for the high end: the digital SIPLACE vision system. The same that we install in our high-end machines, with the same camera technology and software.

This means:

  • Digital camera technology, with high resolution and ultra-fast speeds.
  • Each component is captured and checked individually.
  • The system sees more than just the shape, because individual lighting configurations make more details visible.
  • Modern image recognition algorithms.
  • The system never slows down, not even for the smallest components (01005).
  • Fast, easy teaching.
  • Proven in thousands of high-end applications.

Placement force control comes standard

When it comes to placement quality, the E-Team does not accept any compromises. That’s why the E by SIPLACE sets new standards and comes with placement force control by default.

Whether you are dealing with sensitive components (LEDs, springs, very small components) or large connectors – the machine is programmable to set down each with the correct placement force. This is accomplished with placement force sensors and the unique head technology of the E by SIPLACE. It recognizes even warped PCBs and adapts the placement process accordingly.

The result:

the E by SIPLACE delivers more placement quality for more yield and more efficiency, making for more satisfied customers. Why would you want to settle for anything less?

Perfect positioning: Linear motor control

To move the head with maximum speed and precision, the E by SIPLACE uses state-of-the-art linear motors.

Thanks to:

  • high-resolution scales
  • modern sensors
  • decades of experience in control software
  • the E by SIPLACE always hits the right spot – with dead-on accuracy and speed.

Your customers demand quality and performance?

The stiff chassis and the precise linear drives of the E by SIPLACE deliver both by design, and for a long time to come. Our high-quality linear drives operate with repeat accuracy, no wear, and very little maintenance.