Technical Data

Machine Features SIPLACE SX1 SIPLACE SX2  
Number of gantries 1 2
IPC value 29,500 cph 59,000 cph
SIPLACE Benchmark value 37,000 cph 74,000 cph
Theoretical value 43,450 cph 86,900 cph
Machine Size
1.5 x 2.4 m 1.5 x 2.4 m
Placement Head Features   SpeedStar  MultiStar   TwinHead
Component Spectrum 0201 (metric) – 6 x 6 mm 01005 – 50 x 40 mm 0201 – 200 x 125 mm
Placement Accuracy ± 41 μm/3σ ± 41 μm/3σ (C&P) ± 22 μm/3σ
± 34 μm/3σ (P&P) ± 0.05°/3σ
Angular Accuracy ± 0.5°/3σ ± 0.2°/3σ(C&P)  40 mm 1
± 0.1°/3σ(P&P)  1.0 – 70 N 1
Max. Component Height 4 mm 11.5 mm
Placement Force 1.3 – 4.5 N 1.0 – 10 N
Conveyor Features      
Transport Types SIPLACE SX1/ SX2: Single Conveyor, Flexible Dual Conveyor
Transport Modes Asynchronous, synchronous, I-Placement
PCB Format SIPLACE SX1/ SX2: 50 x 50 mm – max. 850 x 560 mm
PCB Thickness SIPLACE SX1/ SX2: 0.3 – 6.5 mm
PCB Weight  max. 3 kg
Component Supply      
Feeder Capacity SIPLACE SX1/ SX2: 120 slots with 8 mm X feeders
Performing professional maintenance in the scope and intervals recommended by ASM ensures that your SIPLACE equipment will deliver the specified performance and accuracy across its entire life cycle. Our various maintenance contracts make this job even easier for you.

1 Maximum component height 40 mm, placement force 100 N, possible with the option SIPLACE Very High Force Twin Head

SIPLACE SX: #1 Placement Solution for high-mix SMT production

The SIPLACE SX-Series puts scalability and flexibility at the top of the list. Users are able to introduce new products quickly, change setups without stopping the line and produce any batch size with high utilization and efficiency.

Whether in automotive, automation, medical, telecommunication or IT infrastructure – the SIPLACE SX-Series meets all requirements in terms of quality, process reliability and speed.

What would you give to be able to scale your SMT lines according to demand?
SIPLACE SX is the first placement solution that is fully scalable with demand thanks to its unique interchangeable gantries. A great way to add capacity when needed or reduce capacity when things slow down. We call it SIPLACE Capacity-on-Demand.