The SIPLACE SX is the world’s leading placement platform for high-mix electronics production. Its flexibility begins with its huge component spectrum that is covered by three improved placement heads: SIPLACE SpeedStar, SIPLACE MultiStar, and SIPLACE TwinStar. It also offers many feeder and conveyor options. Even odd-shaped components can be supplied with exceptional reliability. Smaller boards with sizes of up to 450 mm by 275 mm can be moved with the efficient dual conveyor, and with the AMS Smart Transport Module you can process boards that are up to 1,525 mm by 560 mm large


Extremely fast and with long-term precision

Faster, more precise, and a true long-distance runner: The new SIPLACE SpeedStar. The perfect collect-and-place head for the fast placement of standard components at the top of your SMT line.



  • 20 segments for maximum speed – up to 48,000 cph on the SIPLACE TX
  • For components ranging from 0201 (metric) to 8.2 x 8.2 mm


The first head that changes its mode on demand

Extremely flexible: The SIPLACE MultiStar switches between three different placement modes in response to software commands. It transforms into the right mode for any application. As a result, your line stays perfectly balanced even during frequent product changeovers with no expensive configuration or head changes.

A new level of freedom:

  • Instant switching between collect-and-place, pick-and-place and mixed modes
  • Up to 25,500 cph
  • Widest component spectrum: 01005 to 50 x 40 mm
  • Component height up to 15,5mm
  • Maximum placement force up to 15N


Intelligent and forceful

The SIPLACE TwinStar is a high-precision pick-and-place head for the end-of line placement of large and heavy components as well as odd shapes.

It can pick up components with a nozzle or a gripper. With over 120 grippers for special components, SIPLACE offers everything you need to automatically place connectors and other odd shapes.

  • Precisely adjustable force up to 100 N
  • Component spectrum: 0201 to 200 x 125 mm at a height of 50mm
  • Standard equipment: Fine-pitch camera, vacuum sensor, force sensor, nozzle changes, PCB warpage detection
  • Options: Flip-chip camera, coplanarity module
  • Snap-in detection and real-time 3D measurement
  • Component weight up to 300 g

SIPLACE Smart Pin Support

Automated pin support for printed circuit boards

Do you use support pins to stabilize thin or very large PCBs when components are placed on them?

With SIPLACE Smart Pin Support you can reduce setup effort and make the process much more reliable, as the support pins are placed fully automatically and they can be individually adjusted to each product’s needs.

The revolution in PCB support

  • Maximum process stability: The SIPLACE Pin-Picker on the placement head places support pins fully automatically and accurately – verified by the SIPLACE vision system
  • Product-specific pin support: The pin positions are programmed in SIPLACE Pro as part of the placement program
  • Smart: Software wizards help you select the ideal pin positions – e.g. for double-sided boards
  • Efficient: automatic pin placement speeds up the start of production and allows for non-stop setup changeovers

Component Feeding

Precise and reliable component feeding is highly important for the performance and placement accuracy. That’s why ASM engineers are constantly improving this process with intelligent SIPLACE feeder modules.

The latest improvements:
  • Feeding on demand
  • Auto-pitch learning function
  • Short-tape handling
  • Online power supply SIPLACE PowerConnector X is enabling feeder preparation online or troubleshooting online without stopping machine
  • Optional measuring component position before initial pickup after feeder log on, track refill or cover opening

SIPLACE Glue Feeder

Glue with precision and flexibility

The SIPLACE Glue Feeder dispenses the adhesive directly onto the component from below. It can be installed just like any other feeder.
  • Parameter programming with SIPLACE Pro
  • Check glue dots with the ASM vision system
  • Easy setup like any other feeder

SIPLACE BulkFeeder

No tapes, no splicing, fewer machine stops

With its innovative technology, the SIPLACE BulkFeeder X says goodbye to component reels. With no tapes and no splicing, it makes high-speed production processes much more reliable.

▪ eliminates splicing: fewer machine stops, more productivity
▪ simplifies supply logistics: reduced space and require less material travel
▪ reduces the number of assists: more components per setup
▪ simplifies setup changeovers: cartridge – replacement instead of splicing
▪ minimizes dust and waste: no abrasion, no tape, leftovers


The magazine storage unit with waffle pack trays moves in a vertical direction, until the required magazine is in the access range of the feed axis. The horizontal feed axis transports the waffle pack tray from the tower to the access area of the placement head. The first magazine is made available as soon as a board is moved into the PCB conveyor and valid panel and setup data has been provided. All magazine changes are performed within the placement cycle time. JEDEC magazines can be refilled without machine stoppages. Faulty components are placed back in the original magazine. The Waffle Pack Changer can not be used together with the SpeedStar (C&P20 P).  The WPC6 also has a nonstop module. This enables the user to refill waffle pack trays during ongoing operations. The nonstop module facilitates opening of the loading flap during operation, for insertion of waffle pack trays. Additional functions in SC version 704 and higher allow component filling levels to be updated or individual levels to be manually refilled.

SIPLACE Linear Dipping Unit

The SIPLACE Linear Dipping Unit

allows a reliable and accurate application of flux material and soldering paste (dip media).  Smooth surfaces of the dip media are guaranteed, thus resulting to a maximum production yield.

  • The layer of the dip medium is defined by filling a mechanical cavity in the dipping plate
  • The cavity is manufactured with an absolute accuracy of ± 5.0 μm
  • Max.  component size is 32 mm x 32 mm (TwinHead)
  • Flux level detection in tank of dip medium; auto refill unit


SIPLACE SMART TransportModule

The SIPLACE SMART TransportModule

transports PCBs up to 1500 mm length


  • Board handling up to 1500mm
  • Automatic width adjustment with program download from SIPLACE Pro
  • LCD Display with SIPLACE look and feel
  • Only two modules are needed for the entire line
  • Designed and manufactured by ASM

Specification [mm]

  • PCB dimensions: 50×50 up to 1500×560
  • Machine dimensions: L: 650 W:902 H:1010
  • Transport height: 900 / 930 / 950