DEK Galaxy

The DEK Galaxy platform brings the efficiency and precision of modern printing methods to the world of semiconductor production and hybrid-packaging applications. It sets new industry standards in advanced semiconductor packaging with regard to yield, repeat accuracy and efficiency.

High-precision linear drives and powerful camera systems provide the basis for the extremely fast and accurate performance of the 
DEK Galaxy. With transport options for highly precise wafer pallets and the printing of substrates with innovative tooling technologieslike DEK Virtual Panel Tooling (VPT), the DEK Galaxy satisfies even the most demanding requirements. And with the DirEKt Ball Placement option, you can realize higly precise wafer printing and screen printing processes, from very precise wafer bumping to the direct setting of solder balls down two diameters of 0.2 mm.

Get in touch with us. Our semiconductor process experts will gladly put together a DEK Galaxy configuration that is optimized for your specific needs. Thanks to the machine’s modular design, you will always be flexible and able to find the right solution as your requirements change.

If you need a highly precise and exceptionally powerful printer platform for high-end SMT applications in the ultra-fine-pitch range, the DEK Galaxy is the solution of choice.

Machine configuration

Standard Configuration
Machine Alignment Capability
Wet Print Capability
Core Cycle Time
Maximum Print Area
ISCANTM Machine Control
Operating System
Operator Interface
Camera Positioning
Squeegee Pressure Mechanism
Stencil Positioning
Stencil Alignment
Under Stencil Cleaning
Vacuum Assist for Under Stencil Cleaning
Machine Interface
Tri Colour light tower
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
2.0 Cmk @ +/- 12.5μm, (±6 Sigma)
2.0 Cpk @ +/- 12.5μm, (±6 Sigma)
7 secs
610mm (X) x 508,5mm (Y)
Motion control using CAN BUS network
Windows 7 Standard embedded
Colour TFT touch screen display, keyboard and trackball with DEK V1 software.
HawkEye® 750 digital camera, using IEEE 1394
Linear motors and encoders with 0.5-micron resolution
Software controlled, motorised with closed loop feedback
Automatic loading incorporating squeegee drip tray
Motorised via actuators X, Y, and Theta
High speed cleaner, fully programmable with wet/dry/vacuum wipe with internal solvent tank 7L
On board vacuum unit 35 litres/sec airflow
Clamped double trailing edge squeegee
Upline and downline FMI included
RJ-45LAN (networking) and USB2/3 interface available
Audible alarm
Monitoring of the process environment

Process Parameter

Process Parameter
Print Pressure
Print Speed
Print Gap
Substrate Separation
Print Modes
Paste Knead
0kg to 20kg
20mm/sec to 200mm/sec
0mm to 6mm
Speed: 0.1mm/sec to 20mm/sec Distance: 0mm to 20mm
ProFlow® Print / Print Print / Flood Flood / Print Adhesive
Programmable: number; period; on demand