DEK Horizon 8



Best in price performance: DEK Horizon 8

DEK’s Horizon platforms offer a comprehensive array of sophisticated features as standard, including optimised printer frame technology, fast product changeover, 2 Cpk print process capability and 6-sigma production performance. The  DEK HawkEye 750 camera system, semi-automatic stencil load and the understencil cleaning system features a core cycle time of 12.0 seconds and a machine accuracy of ±25 µm @ 2 Cmk for use in high-mix environments. The 12-second core cycle timeDEK camera Instinctiv T V9 user interface ISCAN™ Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network .Full size stencil frame capacity.Horizon 08 – Best-in-class performance Features:

  • Process alignment capability 2 Cpk @ +/-25 microns 6-Sigma
  • Machine alignment capability 2 Cpk @ +/- 12.5 microns 6-Sigma



Technical data

Technical data for the DEK Horizon 8EE Printer



Standard configuration DEK Horizon 08 EE
Machine alignment capability >2.0 Cpk @ +/- 12.5µm, (±6 Sigma) *
Process Alignment Capability >2.0 Cpk @ +/- 25µm, (±6 Sigma) *
Standard cycle time 10 seconds + process
Maximum printing surface 508 mm (X) × 508 mm (Y)
User interface Touchscreen, keyboard and trackball, DEK Instinctiv V9 software
Camera DEK HawkEye 1700 digital camera with 2-way LED illumination
Squeegee adjustment Motorized with squeegee pressure feedback
Stencil loading Automatic, incl. squeegee drip catcher
Stencil alignment Motorized (actuators); aligned on X- and Y-axis and rotation
DEK ProFlow Optional
Understencil Cleaning DEK Cyclone 300 mm/400 mm/515 mm
Technical documentation Printed documents: User manual, installation instructions, circuit diagrams.
Technical instructions and videos that explain all operating steps are preinstalled.
Compressed air supply 5-8 bar at ~5 litres/minute
Power supply 100 Volts to 240 Volts ±10 %. Single phase 50/60 Hz
Weight Approx. 690 kg depending on selected options
* The machine and repeat accuracy check will be conducted using production-typical process variables.  The repeat accuracy rating comprises the printing speed, squeegee operation, table movements and camera movements.