DEK NeoHorizon

With its modular and scalable configuration options, the DEK NeoHorizon printer meets any process requirements and offers best flexibility for any production volumes. 


Best printing offering to cover all your needs

DEK NeoHorizon 03 iX:

  • Machine Alignment Capability: ±12.5 µm @ 2.0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)
  • System Alignment Capability: +/- 20μm @ 2.0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)
  • Wet Print Capability: ±25 µm @ 2.0 Cpk, (±6 Sigma) – Certified by external system for every printer before delivery by standard
  • Core Cycle Time (CCT): 8 sec.
  • Perfect printing solution for best performance in high-mix production

DEK NeoHorizon 01 iX:

  • Machine Alignment Capability: ±12.5 µm @ 2.0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)
  • System Alignment Capability: +/- 15μm @ 2.0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)
  • Wet Print Capability: ±20 µm @ 2.0 Cpk, (±6 Sigma) – Certified by external system for every printer before delivery by standard
  • Core Cycle Time (CCT): 6.5 sec.
  • Best printing quality with maximum throughput

DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back:

The DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back setup offers higher print performance in dual-lane assembly line



    • Full flexible DEK All Purpose Clamping (APC) system​
    • High flexibility and maximum cleaning performance with DEK Typhoon Cleaner
    • DEK Grid-Lok: the universal board support system​
    • DEK Paste Management: the best combination of automated paste dispensing with paste roll height control​
    • Closed loop to SPI systems with ProDEK ​
    • DEK Multiple Alignment of Singulated Substrates (MASS) offers a solution for individual optical alignment at a very high speed to boost your thoroughput​

Machine configuration

Standard Configuration
Machine Alignment Capability
System Alignment Capability
Wet Print Capability
Core Cycle Time
Maximum Print Area
Printer Construction
ISCANTM Machine Control
Operating System
Camera Positioning
Squeegee Pressure Mechanism
Stencil Positioning
Stencil Alignment
Under Stencil Cleaning
Vacuum Assist for Under Stencil Cleaning
Tooling Deviation Monitor
Machine Interface
Tri Colour Beacon
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
> 2.0 Cmk @ +/- 12.5μm, (±6 Sigma)
> 2.0 Cmk @ +/- 15μm, (±6 Sigma)
> 2.0 Cpk @ +/- 20μm, (±6 Sigma)
6.5 secs*
510mm** (X) x 508.5mm (Y) (for Single Stage Mode)
One piece optimised welded frame
Motion control using CAN BUS network
Windows 7 Standard embedded
HawkEye® 1700 digital camera. FOV 11.3mm x 8.7mm. Inspection window 75mm2
Rotary motors and encoders with 4 micron resolution
Software controlled, motorised with closed loop feedback
Automatic loading incorporating squeegee drip tray
Motorised via actuators X, Y, and Theta
Interchangeable USC (IUSC)
On board vacuum unit 25 litres/sec airflow
Clamped double trailing edge squeegee (1 set included)
Verification of tooling setup via squeegee pressure feedback
Upline and downline FMI included
RJ-45LAN (networking) and USB2/3 interface available
Programmable with audible alarm
Monitoring of the process environment

Transport System

Transport System
ESD Compatibility
Width Adjustment
Transport Direction
Substrate Handling Size (minimum)
Substrate Handling Size (maximum)
Substrate Thickness
Substrate Weight (maximum)
Substrate Warpage
Substrate Fixture
Substrate Handling Features
Substrate Underside Clearance
Black transport belts and guides with surface resistivity of greater than 106 ohms
Programmable motorized rear rail
Left to right Right to left Left to left, Right to right 
50mm (X) x 40.5mm (Y)
510mm (X) x 508.5mm (Y) 
0.2mm to 6mm
Up to 7mm including substrate thickness
Over the top clamps
Soft rail lift/land Board clamp regulator
Programmable 3mm to 42mm

Process Parameter

Process Parameter
Print Pressure
Print Speed
Print Gap
Substrate Separation
0kg to 20kg
2mm/sec to 300mm/sec
-2 mm to 6mm
Speed: 0.1mm/sec to 20mm/sec Distance: 0mm to 20mm

DEK Productivity Tools:

Everything you need for your printing solution

The right configuration for every job
High-volume production, high-mix runs of small lots, pin-in-paste, ultrafine apertures for super-small components, stepped stencils, PCBs with unusual substrates, many different paste types – no matter what your production requirements are and what processes you use: the DEK Neo- Horizon iX platform always accommodates the right configuration for your printing process.
Think beyond your current challenges. With the modular DEK NeoHorizon platform you can easily add DEK Productivity Tools in standalone machines or in our innovative DEK NeoHorizon
Back-to-Back dual-lane solution.

B2B setup: Flexible and dual-lane
With its three sections, the DEK High-Throughput 3-Segments Conveyor lets you move circuit boards into and out of the printing area simultaneously for even shorter cycle times. DEK NeoHorizon iX printers can be operated and maintained totally from the front. The DEK NeoHorizon BacktoBack setup makes for a uniquely flexible dual-track solution.
Dual-lane for twice the performance:
▪ Both units remain separately controllable, for example to run a different product on each track
▪ The units can be split up again at any time
▪ Full-size printing area

Faster cleaning, more throughput
The DEK NeoHorizon iX offers two modes for automatic understencil cleaning: the new IUSC, which is based on the established blue cleaning system, and the award-winning and much improved DEK Cyclone high-speed cleaning system. In the new DEK Cyclone Duo version, the fully configurable DEK Cyclone (wet, vacuum, dry, oscillation) requires just one cleaning cycle, which cuts the time and materials needed by up to 50 percent. And the cleaning fabric can be easily replaced via a cartridge. Both cleaning systems are controlled via the DEK Instinctiv software. In addition, the cleaning cycles can be invoked as needed by the operator after the DEK HawkEye inspection or via the DEK ProDEK option by external SPI systems.

Our most important Productivity Tools at a glance:
Conveyors – Minimize your cycle times
– DEK High-Throughput Conveyor
– DEK NeoHorizon Back-to-Back setup (highly
flexible dual-lane transport)
Understencil cleaning – Cut cleaning times in half
– DEK Cyclone and DEK Cyclone Duo
– IUSC understencil cleaning with replaceable cleaning bar
DEK material management
– DEK Paste Roll Height Monitor
– DEK Automatic Paste Dispenser (Cartridges or cans)
– DEK Stinger (automatic adhesive or solder paste dispensing on the PCB)
Verification & traceability solution
– Verification of all printing materials
– Stencil service life management with ASM SmartStencil
– Total traceability link to manufacturing execution systems
▪  Inspection – Optimize your print quality  
– DEK HawkEye 750
– DEK HawkEye 1700
– DEK ProDEK (closed-loop interface to external SPI systems)
Additional tools
– DEK Grid-Lok (automatic board support)
– DEK APC clamping system Freely programmable top-down and lateral
(snugger) clamping for improved fastening for DEK TCM (Temperature Control Modul)