The DEK TQ marks the next generation of stencil printers. Newly designed from the ground up, this new generation of DEK printers is more precise, more powerful, more open with extremely low-maintenance. New linear drives, off-belt printing and innovative clamping systems ensure a new level of accuracy and deliver a stable printing process – even for the latest 0201 metric components. In the new DEK
TQ, precision and speed are inseparable to meet your future requirements. A new 3-stage transports and the unique ASM NuMotion controllers with fiberoptic based communication reduce the cycle time to 5 seconds and deliver high-precision performance in the smallest possible footprint.
The DEK TQ is even more impressive in operation. With a newly developed understencil cleaning system, its innovative printhead with integrated paste height control, and a fully integrated paste dispenser, the DEK TQ runs on average for 8 hours between operator assists. In order to supply you full transparancy about all kind of information by your printer, DEK TQ supports many interfaces and communication
standards being used in the smart SMT factory.


New machine design

New stencil chase design 

One of the main goals of the TQ is to improve the robustness of the printer – Repeatability

  • Common development of ASM including knowhow from  SIPLACE machines and there suppliers
  • The base frame forms the heart of the machine and we have made extensive use of CAE tools – FEA to optimise frame stiffness and modal effects.
  • These techniques have then be carried through to other areas, such as chase, alignment system and transport module.


Easy Configurable Chase

Factory set to accept:

  • 15” to 29”and Asian format stencils
  • 3 Point bearing to aid co-planarity
  • New actuator positions designed in conjunction with base frame
  • Accordion stencil clamp, simple maintenance free design 
  • New high stability isolated 3 point chase clamp
  • Stencil clamping range 10mm – 40mm

New revolutionary stencil clamping

New Transport Module

Classic stencil clamping:

  • Just two or three pneumatic cylinder to fix stencil
  • Difficult to flatten warped stencils

Resulting in printing problems due to not co-planar printing


New TQ stencil clamping:

  • Stencil fixing across the whole length
  • Maximum force to flatten warped stencil frames

Resulting in perfect print conditions


Off belt clamping

  • PCB will be lifted from the belts against the clamp
  • Independent tooling table
  • Under board clamp plate (similar to placement)
  • Variable Z board position and configurable snap off

No influence of belts anymore

Flexible 3-Stage conveyor

  • 250mm 3 stage mode
  • 400mm single stage mode
  • High rigidity conveyor and rising table optimised through CAE analysis
  • Configurable conveyor – 3 stage capacity increase
  • PCB weight up to 3 kg
  • Comply to odd shape PCB formats handling

Variable speed transport belts

  • Potential to have board size dependency.
  • Profiled synchronous transport belts

New squeegee Assembly

New actuator position

Based on an existing design with several improvements:

  • Faster blade cycle
  • Styling improvements inline with DEK TQ – cleaner lines, reduced exposed cables
  • Improved calibration and force monitoring
  • Improved PRHM implementation (blade separation) – see below

Alignment actuator Improvements

  • New actuator position –  As a result of Frame optimisation
  • Improved Actuators – 0.9° step angle Increased full step precision (0.8µm/step)

 New linear motor driven vision module

New DEK TQ material management

Linear motor driven x and y axis

  • Higher capture speeds
  • Improved reliability – no belts
  • Reduced Maintenance

Physical and optical sensor board stop – selectable

Dual bearing design for improved rigidity.

No time penalty for running R-L extra sensor added to board stop.

The material management system was key driver of the DEK TQ development to:

allow easy access (accessible from front side)

a zero overhead paste dispense

  • Boards size dependent or coupled with a clean.

DEK TQ material management consists of full programmable:

  • Automatic paste dispenser for Jar & Cartridges
  • Measuring paste roll height monitor

The new very flexible auto paste dispenser of the DEK TQ offers

Ability to dispense from:

  • 0.5kg (0.7kg) Cartridge and 1.0kg (1,2kg) Cartridge
  • Pot / Jar / Sub
  • change over from cartridge to pot in less than 30 minutes
New  under stencil cleaner design 

Complete redesign of USC and Ancillaries

  • Improved fabric loading, through intuitive design and labelling.
  • Improved feed accuracy by new stepper motor drives
  • Fabric clamp for dual direction cleaning.
  • Reduced costs by single fabric width.
  • Programmable vacuum levels via user interface.

Non stop (Carefree) production ≥ 8h in full production

  • No need for USC roll exchange using normal cleaning intervals
  • Much reduced operator interventions using larger 22m fabric roll
  • Increased dual solvent tank capacity.

New cleaner pivot design

  • better cleaning performance by perfect contact with stencil
  • Very solid and rigid design for much longer long time reliability
  • Adjustable contact with lift sensing to make sure the cleaner is in perfect contact

Fully new and independent driven under stencil cleaner axis

Linear motor driven maintenance free drive

Fully independent from camera axis

  • Camera and USC can be driven independently of each other.
  • Decreased cycle time – no camera USC docking, or uncoupling

Integrated and fully programmable top-down dispense system

  • Solvent dispensing from top
  • Linear drive for very reliable solvent dispense
  • Programmable for perfect wetting of fabric
  • Integrated sensor to detect solvent in the pipe, improved system priming

Integrated Solvent Tank in the front of the printer

  • Refilling possible without any line stop
  • Perfect and easy access from the front side (perfect for B2B)
  • 7 litre tank capacity system integrated level sensor


Designed for non stop (Carefree) production ≥ 8h in full



Technical data

Technical data for the DEK TQ

Machine type  DEK TQ
Standard configuration  Specifications
Machine alignment capability  > 2,0 Cmk @ ±12,5 μm, (±6 sigma)
Wet print capability  > 2,0 Cpk @ ±17,5 μm, (±6 sigma)
Core cycle time  5 secs
Maximum print area  400 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (single-stage mode)
Machine control  NuMotion control System
Camera positioning  Linear motors and high-precision encoders
Squeegee pressure mechanism  Software-controlled, motorised with closed-loop feedback
Stencil positioning  Automatic loading incorporating squeegee drip tray
Substrate size (min.)  50 mm (X) × 40,5 mm (Y)
Substrate size (max.) 250 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (3-stage mode)
400 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (single-stage mode)
400 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (3-stage with optional transport extensions)
Approximate dimensions  1,300 mm (L) × 1,000 mm (W) × 1,600 mm (H)