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E by DEK – Aligned to your application needs by
Flexible, Modular and Scalable Platform

E-by-DEK – the new standard for mid-speed SMT printing. The E-by-SIPLACE has already set new standards in quality, performance and ease of use in the mid-speed placement segment. Now it is being joined by the ideal printer solution: E-by-DEK. High-quality components, sophisticated construction, modular design: The E-by-DEK is the result of over 40 years of experience in machine design and printing technology. Your benefit: Stable and reliable printing processes – also for fine-pitch applications. The E by DEK becomes even better when it interacts with the E by SIPLACE: The shared E-line monitor provides your operators with a central overview of the entire E-line.

With its modular design, the latest generation of our powerful screen printers is customizable for any customer-specific or application-specific requirements. Clamping systems, conveyors, tooling, paste management, verification – the E by Dek can be equipped and/or retrofitted with many powerful and precision-enhancing options. All this flexibility can be controlled easily and comfortably with the leading printer software: DEK Instinctiv™ V9.

The E by Dek with the DEK HawkEye 750 camera system, semi-automatic stencil load and the IUSC understencil cleaning system features a core cycle time of 11.0 seconds and a machine accuracy of ±25 µm @ 2 Cmk for use in high-mix environments.

The innovative design of the new printer and its especially robust cover make it possible to perform all control and maintenance operations from the front of the machine.




Technical data

Technical data for the E by DEK Printer



Machine Alignment Capability 2 Cpk @ +/- 12.5um, 6 Sigma
Process Alignment Capability 2 Cpk @ +/- 25um, 6 Sigma
Cycle Core Time 8 seconds
Max. Board Size (Print Area) 510mm (X) x 508.5mm (Y)
Screen/Stencil Frame Size (maximum) 736mm x 736mm (29” x 29”) x 25mm to 38mm (1” to 1.5”) height. Other frame sizes
can be loaded with adjustable stencil mount AWSM (optional) or adaptor frame
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Feeback and monitoring of internal print area environment.
Tooling Deviation Monitoring Verification of optimum set-up of substrate support.
Pressure Feedback Squeegee head with pressure feedback.
Under Stencil Cleaning Interchangeable Under stencil (IUSC) cleaner, fully programmable with wet/dry/vacuum wipe
Vacuum Assist for Under Stencil Cleaning On board vacuum unit 20 litre/sec airflow