E by DEK

E – Quality
High-quality components, sophisticated construction, and modular design: The E by DEK is the result of over 40 years of experience in machine design and printing technology. Your benefit: stable and reliable printing processes even for fine-pitch applications.

E – Flexibility
E by DEK stands for high-tech with ease of use in all major national languages, including Chinese. From the software to the adjustments for a wide range of stencil sizes – everything can be done quickly and reliably. The E by DEK becomes even better when it interacts with the E by SIPLACE: The shared E-line monitor provides your operators with a central overview of the entire E-line.

E – Performance
Machine cycle times of eight seconds plus printing, fast setup changeovers, repeatable accuracy. The E by DEK delivers top scores in all categories. But we wanted more. With the Application Packs you can optimize your E by DEK for your particular requirements and keep your production extremely flexible. You can add these to your E by DEK at any time for maximum investment protection, flexibility, performance and profitability.

The E by DEK Application Packs
The E by DEK is a strong all-around solution with a modular design. Will you have to comply with changing requirements in the future? Instead of having to invest in new printing machines, the E by DEK makes this easy thanks to its application packs. This is flexibility at its best! They can be added at any time. This is what makes the E by DEK extremely flexible.


E by DEK:

  • Machine Alignment Capability: ±12.5 µm @ 2.0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)
  • System Alignment Capability: +/- 25μm @ 2.0 Cmk, (±6 Sigma)
  • Core Cycle Time (CCT): 11 sec+process
  • Product Changeover: < 2 minutes
  • New Product Setup: < 10 minutes




    • Flexible board printing
    • Edge Clamps ( Snuggers)
    • Paste Roll Height Monitor
    • Dual Speed Motor (DSM)
    • 620 mm long board handling
    • Remote solvent tank
    • Semi auto Stencil Load without drip tray
    • Blue long board cleaner (600mm) Selective Print Pass Through
    • Cycle time improvement to 8 seconds Heavy Board Rails (6kg)
    • Advanced SPC Software (QC CALC)
    • Remote Board Stop
    • ProDek 
    • Adjustable Width Stencil Mount (AWSM)
    • Vacuum Tooling Capability
    • Grid Lok
    • Verification and Traceability 
      Paste on Pad Verification
    • Foil less Clamps
    • 3 Fiducials
    • Vacuum Cups
    • Line Monitor
    • Small Fiducials

Machine configuration

Standard Configuration

Machine Alignment Capability
System Alignment Capability
Core Cycle Time
Maximum Print Area
Printer Construction
ISCANTM Machine Control
Operating System
Camera Positioning
Squeegee Pressure Mechanism
Stencil Positioning
Stencil Alignment
Under Stencil Cleaning
Tooling Deviation Monitor
Machine Interface



> 2.0 Cmk @ +/- 12.5μm, (±6 Sigma)
> 2.0 Cmk @ +/- 25μm, (±6 Sigma)
11 secs
510mm (X) x 508.5mm (Y)
One piece optimised welded frame
Motion control using CAN BUS network
Windows 7 Standard embedded
HawkEye® 750 digital camera
Rotary motors and encoders with 4 micron resolution
Software controlled, motorised with closed loop feedback
Automatic loading incorporating squeegee drip tray
Motorised via actuators X, Y, and Theta
On board vacuum unit 20 litres/sec airflow
Clamped double trailing edge squeegee (1 set included)
Verification of tooling setup via squeegee pressure feedback
Upline and downline FMI included



Transport System

Transport System
ESD Compatibility
Width Adjustment
Transport Direction
Substrate Handling Size (minimum)
Substrate Handling Size (maximum)
Substrate Thickness
Substrate Weight (maximum)
Substrate Warpage
Substrate Fixture
Substrate Handling Features
Substrate Underside Clearance
3-Stage High Throughput Conveyor with DSM
Black transport belts and guides with surface resistivity of greater than 106 ohms
Programmable motorized rear rail
Left to right Right to left Left to left (*only available in Single Stage) Right to right (*only available in Single Stage)
50mm (X) x 40.5mm (Y)
370mm (X) x 508.8mm (Y) (3-Stage Mode) / 510mm (X) x 508.5mm (Y) ( Single Stage Mode)
0.2mm to 6mm
Up to 7mm including substrate thickness
Over the top clamps
Soft rail lift/land Board clamp regulator
Programmable 3mm to 42mm

Process Parameter

Process Parameter
Print Pressure
Print Speed
Print Gap
Substrate Separation
Print Modes
Paste Knead
0kg to 20kg
2mm/sec to 300mm/sec
0mm to 6mm
Speed: 0.1mm/sec to 20mm/sec Distance: 0mm to 20mm
ProFlow® Print/Print Print/Flood Flood/Print Adhesive
Programmable: number; period; on demand

Automated soldering paste application

The new DEK Solder Jar Dispenser lets you apply the paste automatically from the standard containers you are familiar with from manual paste dispensing.

  • More process stability while reducing manual labor and cutting down on material consumption
  • Minimal switchover effort
  • Quick and easy replacements and setup changeovers
  • Proven technology

DEK Auto Stencil Load

Automatically load and unload stencils at the programmed position.
  • Fast stencil changeover
  • Always the right stencil position
  • Minimizes operator errors


In conjunction with an external solvent tank and onboard vacuum filtration unit, the DEK Under Stencil Cleaner (USC) forms part of the ASM stencil cleaning solution. The  USC wipes lint free fabric, dry or wet (sprayed with solvent) across the underside of the stencil while applying vacuum to remove print medium (paste or glue) build up, which helps to maintain print quality. The fabric, plenum and plenum insert options are available in standard sizes (300, 400, 460 and 515mm widths) and also long board size (620mm width). The frequency and mode of the cleaning sweeps are programmable in the product file. Available modes are:
● WET & VAC (available on Duo Insert option only)

DEK HawkEye

Standard HawkEye offers paste on pad ONLY verification with paste percentage and process reporting. ASM does offer the existing 2Di inspection option for full process verification that includes, paste presence, alignment, bridging detection, paste volume, stencil smear and stencil blockage reporting. HawkEye provides simple graphical reporting of least pasted features during a print run. It has been designed as a high speed fully automated Go / No-Go measure of deposit quality. Alarm levels are set so that the system prevents boards from passing down-line if the deposit is poor enough to cause process issues later. When the system stops on an alarm point, the operator has the opportunity to review the failed area or instigate a recovery action. Paste painting is used on the camera view showing graphically, the pads in error, using the same colour scheme as the reporting indicator. A large view function for the camera view is also provided to permit closer inspection of areas of concern by viewing a bitmap of the camera image.
The system is capable of adjustment during a print run, a facility that can be password protected if required. Error and Warning levels can be adjusted to fine tune the system for optimized performance. Movement of these alarm levels (whilst in adjust) dynamically updates the camera view paste painting allowing the operator to see in real time the effect of the level change.