New all purpose clamping system

Three clamping modes selectable:

1.Traditional Over the Top Clamping (OTT)

2.Full OTS Mode (Clamp, Snug, Retract)

3.OTS and OTT Combo Mode (Clamp, Snug,
NO Retract)

  • Snugger force and OTT pressure configurable
    and in line controlled
  • Fully software controlled within job file
  • Upgrade possible



Temperature Control Solutions

Controlled temperature will maintain quality, yield and lower operator intervention

Improved (stable) Print Quality

  • Consistent print definition as paste will not slump as fast
  • Reduced „bleed through“ at stencil to board gasket
  • Improved performance with less false alarms at Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

Less under Stencil Cleaning

  • Less usage = more consistent print process
  • Cost benefit due to less fabric consumption

Increased Throughput and Less Operator Intervention

  • Less USC cleaning will give more throughput
  • Less operator intervention, parameter adjustments and roll exchange will minimise down time


      Floor mounted TCM (Separate  unit)                               








Top mounted TCM



Squeegee Pressure Feedback

  • Motor driven print head with software controlled print pressure
  • Automatic pressure calibration capability
  • Used in conjunction with tooling deviation monitor to detect tooling issues

Your benefit:

  • Print pressure monitoring to enable process control
  • Automatic adjustment of print pressure within a certain range
  • Can indicate tooling support issues with tooling deviation monitor






Hawkeye  750 verification or Hawkeye™ 1700 verification for fiducial alignment and verification

  • Dual CMOS CCD for robust fiducial finding on stencil & PCB side
  • Independent direct & indirect lighting for each side
  • Robust and accurate fiducial finding
  • Independent lighting for both sides

Your benefit:

  • Prepared for Hawkeye verfication and/or 2Di
  • Easy software upgrade of Hawkeye 750 and/or 2Di possible750 or
  • Hawkeye 750 = up to 750mm²/sec
  • Hawkeye 1700 = up to 1.700mm²/sec







Interchangeable Under Stencil Cleaner (IUSC)  exchangeable cleaning length between 300mm, 400mm & 520mm

  • Single vacuum take off with “dual performance”
  • Spray bar embedded in wiper assembly
  • Easy cleaning of blocked solvent dispense holes outside the printer
  • Solvent connection at centre of bar for  more uniform solvent spread








USC Vacuum side channel pump VF25/35

  • Electrical driven powerful vacuum unit to supply vacuum to USC
  • Vacuum side channel pump system
  • Vacuum flow of 25 litre/min
  • Vacuum flow of 35 litre/min for ultra high speed DEK Cyclone Duo USC
  • Replaceable filter cartridge
  • Small compact designs
  • Can be used in conjunction with a vacuum sensor to detect leakage between USC cleaning head and stencil or malfunction of vacuum pump


                VF35                                    VF25                   



High Throughput Conveyor (HTC)

  • Three stage conveyor reduces board transport and communication time
  • A stopper in each stage prevent boards to slip into next stage
  • Configurable board transfer direction (factory-set)
  • Single stage mode can handle up to 510mm boards (620mm optional) or three stage mode (370mm boards)
  • XHTC three stage mode 510mm boards available as special**

Your benefit:

  • Increases machine throughput
  • Improve the core cycle time by 1 second + benefit of no interface delay
  • Can be used in single
    (up to 620mm board) or three stage mode (370mm board)









Dual Speed Motor

Reduction of Core Cycle Time (CCT)

  • Low and high belt speed enables a reduction of the CCT
  • Belt speeds individually configurable

Soft board stop

  • Soft board stop be reducing belt
    speed short before contact to
    camera board stop
  • Minimize the risk of breakage of
    sensitive materials such as
  • Ceramic
  • Heavy boards
  • Palettes

Your benefit:

  • Improvement of CCT
  • Enables a soft board stop for sensible or heavy substrates






Cyclone Duo – Ultra High Speed USC

Incredible reduction of cleaning time

  • ~50% to DEK Cyclone Standard W/V/D
  • ~70% to DEK Blue USC Cleaner W/V/D

Reduction of fabric & cleaner up to 50%

All body sizes available

  • 300 mm, 400 mm, 460, 500 mm

Selectable option to standard Cyclone

Your benefit:

  • Cyclone Duo does reduce the cycle time up to 70%
  • Consumables up to 50%






Paste Roll Height Monitor (vertical or hoizontal)

  • Adjustable threshold of paste roll height detected by vertical beam
  • Safeguard printing material volume to a preset level, empty deposit fail safe
  • Minimise operator intervention when used in conjunction with APD

Automatic Paste Dispenser or DEK Solder Jar Dispenser

  • Programmable dispensing stroke along board length
  • Adjustable dispensing speed and pressure allows accurate dosing
  • APD: Accommodate both 1kg and 0.5kg syringe
  • SJD: Standard 500-600gr paste jar‘s (pot‘s)




Your benefit:

  • Closed loop system fully automatic paste replenishment
  • Good control of paste volume on stencil
  • Much reduced operator interventions
  • Extend MTBA time



Vacuum tooling & Vacuum Cup & Vacuum Sensor

  • Functionality

    • Venturi vacuum supply for substrate fixation
    • Dedicated vacuum tooling, wafer pallets can be used
    • Fully adjustable vacuum level
    • Can be used in conjunction with a vacuum sensor to detect a wrong located substrate
  • Benefits

    Fix substrates without force to the edge

    Hold substrate flat during separation process






Module pack Edge Clamps

  • Functionality
    • To snug product from the sides
    • Allow printing across the whole product area without shadow zone
    • Fully adjustable snugging pressure
    • Configurable for different product dimensions
    • For PCB without clamping edge
  • Benefits
    • Same level PCB and clamp surface level to avoid print issues at the edge 
    • Fast exchange with Over Top Clamping possible
    • For PCB without clamping edge






Semi-Auto Stencil Load

  • Functionality
    • Print carriage mounted paddle move to correct position for operator to load stencil manually, and push against the paddle
    • Loading and Unloading stencil to a pre-programmed position at one click
    • Reduce product changeover time for various stencil frame sizes and image justifications by eliminating the need for a manual screen depth adjuster
  • Benefits
    • Reduces stencil changeover time 
    • Helps operator to find the correct stencil position in one go 






HD Grid-Lok flexible support tooling

  • Functionality
    • Flexible support tooling drives pins with ESD cup to the PCB, supporting on PCB and component level
    • Pneumatic driven and looked
    • In 300 and 450mm length available
    • Manual and automatic mode 


  • Benefits
    • Good support of highly populated boards
    • Fast set up and change over 







  • Functionality
    • DEK Stinger is designed to dispense adhesive dots on a pre-programmed pattern onto a PCB sequentially after the paste printing process has finished
    • Dispensing through a patented auger valve gives repeatable dots volume under the same dispensing parameters
    • Easy to take out from the machine


  • Benefits
    • Delivers dispensed dots to avoid components to fall of in second reflow phase
    • Eliminates additional dispense unit or hand dispensing after printing 





Vacuum tooling & Vacuum Cup & Vacuum Sensor

  • Functionality
    • Venturi vacuum supply for substrate fixation
    • Dedicated vacuum tooling, wafer pallets can be used
    • Fully adjustable vacuum level
    • Can be used in conjunction with a vacuum sensor to detect a wrong located substrate


  • Benefits
    • Fix substrates without force to the edge
    • Hold substrate flat during separation process 





Foilless Board Clamps

  • Functionality
    • Guides product into print area without any clamping force
    • Fixation with vacuum
    • Near product edge printing
    • Interchangeable between over top foil clamp and foil-less clamp


  • Benefits
    • Solution for critical board materials and special solutions
    • Fast exchange with Over Top Clamping possible 





Integration in SIPLACE Line Software

  • DEK in SIPLACE Pro

    • DEK printer available in Station library
    • DEK printer programmable in Line and Setup editors



  • DEK in Setup Center
    • DEK printer shown on Setup Center GUI
    • Display filling levels of DEK consumables
      • Printing material
      • Fabric
      • Cleaning solvent 



  • DEK in Line Monitor

    • DEK printer shown on Line Monitor
    • Monitor filling levels of DEK consumables 











Adjustable Width Stencil Mount

  • Functionality

    • Accepts stencil frame sizes from 15’’(381mm) to 29’’(736mm), from thickness of 25mm-38mm
    • Easy pneumatic adjustments at push of  button
    • Newly designed clamping mechanism


  • Benefits
    • Eliminate the use of frame adapters
    • New clamping design is near maintenance-free (long MTBA and MTBF)















Topside Reference System TRS

  • Functionality
  • TRS (Topside Referencing System) – Advanced tooling for the handling and alignment of singulated substrates from a carrier. TRS takes the ASM Virtual Panel Tooling concept to the next level. Specifically designed to address the complexities of assembly as flip-chip manufacture moves to smaller pin pitch, thin-core and coreless technologies.
    It provides edge alignment of multiple substrates into a virtual panel so they can be printed with a single print stroke.
    With applications in processor, SMT, ceramic and sensor markets. TRS is a product enabler, facilitating mass printing of difficult to handle products.


  • Benefits
    • TRS offers some essential benefits for flip chip processing by targeting warped substrate handling as market leaders
      consider “Thin Core” and “Coreless” products, with the flexibility to offer solutions for complex PGA (pin grid array)
      structures and even sensor packages for the automotive industry. In fact many process could benefit from the
      increased through put and superior alignment capability of the TRS system for singulated products
      The system consists of;
      ➢ MEK (Machine Enabling Kit) The basic TRS conversion for the printing machine that adds the required
      ➢ TRP (Top referencing plate), precision reference surface for print height setting, ensuring co-planarity. Can
      also reduce warpage depending on supporting cap design.
      ➢ For cycle time flexibility the TRP can be configured to activate every print cycle or every ‘x’ number of print
      ➢ Active surround for substrate alignment and snugging.
      ➢ Height adjusting towers for substrate thickness variation and accurate print height setting using the TRP.
      Towers are locked in position for the print.
      ➢ Self-centering towers with minimum carrier interference allow the substrate to be lifted from the carrier and
      aligned by the Active Surround. When the surround releases the substrate returns to the nominal position of
      the tower which allows it to be returned to the carrier.










Proflow ATx

  • Functionality

Proflow ATx is an Enclosed Print Head Solution whose purpose is mainly as a performance and quality/yield enhancer, and a material saver in high throughput environments. It does this by eliminating the operator intervention needed to maintain a squeegee operation, as well as reducing paste exposure, which reduces the overall consumption of paste while simultaneously maintaining its quality.

  • Benefits

Proflow ATx addresses these concerns by the following ways:
1. Limiting the amount of paste in the head initially, which limits the amount of pressure cycles the paste gets put under before it is used
2. Adding new paste “little and often” automatically and quickly, by the use of a demand sensor and an Archimedes screw feed mechanism. This ensures fresh paste is routinely being added to help maintain required print levels and viscosity.                                                                                                           3. Providing an active “conditioning grid” every print cycle, which is a rotating mechanical device that constantly stirs and mixes the paste, enhancing the paste “roll”, and keeping the viscosity low and at an optimal range for printing
4. A “compliant plunger”, or drive mechanism, that ensures conformity to the level of paste in the head, which ensures even paste pressure across the head, and thus, uniform pressure to the stencil apertures. This quality is especially noticeable in pin in paste applications.