Component Supply:

  • Intelligent 8-mm to 88-mm tape feeders
  • Wireless installation on the machine
  • Feeders can be replaced while the machine keeps running
  • Flexible pitch settings
    (adjustable, programmable, self-learning)
  • Status indicator for intelligent installation and removal
  • Direct path measurement for high-precision component feeding



Glue Feeder
A New Concept for Applying Glue Dots in a Pick & Place Machine



  • Full flexibility on whichever line, machine or COT
  • High precision dispensing
  • Integrated inspection of the glue dots
    (additional AOI is not necessary)
  • Errors can be corrected immediately
  • Retrofitting is easy

The size of the glue dot is determined by the distance from the component and the number of shots.





BulkFeeder X:
No tapes, no splicing, fewer machine stops


With its innovative technology, the SIPLACE BulkFeeder X says goodbye
to component reels. With no tapes and no splicing, it makes high-speed
production processes much more reliable.

Your benefit:

▪ eliminates splicing: fewer machine stops, more productivity
▪ simplifies supply logistics: reduced space and require less material travel
▪ reduces the number of assists: more components per setup
▪ simplifies setup changeovers: cartridge – replacement instead of splicing
▪ minimizes dust and waste: no abrasion, no tape, leftovers








  • Trays –  28
  • Needed 8mm tracks – 30
  • Tray exchange [s]  – 1,9s
  • Theoretical Number of different part numbers – 280
  • Max. component height – 25mm

*available only for Siplace SX and Siplace XS






Matrix Tray Changer


The SIPLACE Matrix Tray Changer (MTC) is the ideal partner for manufacturers who process a broad range of in-tray components. With its large capacity and ultra-fast component handling the SIPLACE MTC improves effectively the machine utilization in your factory.

*available only for Siplace X series







Tray feeder unit

  • In combination with CPP and TH
  • Magazine for 14 and 18 trays available
  • Connection to machine from the side
  • 28 feeder slots left next to tray unit
  • JEDEC tray 323 x 136mm (12.7 x 5.35 inches)
  • Output extension conveyor available (length 600 mm)

*available only for Siplace TX 










Component supply – JTF-MW

  • Location 2 only
  • 15 level
  • JTF – MW (Muti, Wide)
  • 2xJedec tray / level

(1) Lifting motor cover
(2) Feed pusher assy
(3) Conveyor
(4) Tower module with magazine

*available only for E by Siplace






Linear Dipping

The SIPLACE Linear Dipping Unit allows a reliable and accurate
application of flux material and soldering paste (dip media).
Smooth surfaces of the dip media are guaranteed, thus resulting to
a maximum production yield.

Your benefit:

Highly accurate
 The layer of the dip medium is defined by filling a mechanical cavity in the dipping plate
 The cavity is manufactured with an absolute accuracy of ± 5.0 μm

Reliable linear application of the dip medium
 Servo-controlled axes allow extremely precise movements for the application of dip media and thus provide reliable and stable flux layers
 Process parameters can be easily input for maximum accuracy

Application of Dip Medium
Servo-controlled movement for application of dip medium
Freely programmable application speed of dip medium
Achivable layer: 20 μm to 250 μm (defined via cavity plate)
Application of dip medium in parallel with placement cycle

Component Size
Max. 32 mm x 32 mm (TwinHead)

Flux level detection in tank of dip medium; auto refill unit

Software guided cleaning cycle for a cleaning time of less than 1 minute (2nd set of parts on site)
Parts can be disassembled and reassembled without tools for cleaning
SIPLACE LDU X should be cleaned after ~ 10,000 cycles or ~ 8 hours of operation (depending on material used)




The LDU‑X  unit consists of the following main parts:
1. Flux tank
2. Park plate
3. Dip tray
4. Dip plate
5. Flux
6. Interface
7. Cavity
8. Flux in the dip tray




CRDL Measurement

Electrical Verification Feeder

  • On-demand measurement device with minimum space consumption in setup as single feeder
  • On-line CRDL analyzer:
  • Tolerance << 10% in order to detect handling mistakes (labelling, splicing, scanning, …) and supplier deviations.
  • Measurement for chip style components and additional shapes for diodes and inductances.
  • Measurement triggered on setup change and via splice events with full traceability in place
  • Build-In check for wear and tear as well as auto calibration
  • External recalibration possible via SIPLACE service
  • Standardized interfaces via feeder interface e.g. contactless E/D transmission
  • Centralized setup of all measurement tasks, parameters and tolerances via SIPRO






SIPLACE StickFeeder

The SIPLACE StickFeeder E for SIPLACE E can be used on any SIPLACE E feeder table and can setup any number of stick / tube, with a combined stick width up to 100mm. The StickFeeder for SIPLACE E will occupy 10 tracks on the feeder table

(1) Control panel
(2) Fixing lever
(3) Lower level
(4) Upper level
(5) Pogo-pin interface
(6) Slider guide
(7) Locking latch








LABEL Feeder

The product takes a 56-track on the feeder magazin and flexibly supports labels in sizes up to 30mm * 30mm with maximium liner width of 30mm.

  • Transportation speed: 10 – 200 mm/s. Default 80mm/s (max. speed allows approx. 3 to 4 label picks per second with standard label size 6.35×6.35mm)
  • Label pick position: 2.0 to 25.0mm offset relative to label sensor in transportation direction
  • Delay time: 1 – 999 ms after pick of label until next transportation cycle is triggered
  • Gap: 5.0 – 99.9mm max. transportation distance where labels are missing on empty liner. Default: 50mm
  • Feed: 3 – 30mm transportation distance at manual trigger with FEED button. Default 5mm
  • Transportation acceleration (Ramp) 0.1 – 2.0 m/s2
    . Default 0.8 m/s2
  • Transportation deceleration (Hold) (-1) – (-100) m/s2







Multistick feeder

  • Feed components (connector, relay…) stored into plastic sticks
  •  Reliable and stable
  • Simplify the operations of maintenance
  • Easy integration
  • Removable from the change-over table

80% of standard basis and 20% can be adjustable to the component’s width.
Two width of feeder: 60 or 80 mm.
Possibility to add external function on the feeder: forming, bending,


  •  Automatic startup with Cycle time < 2s
  • Lengths of sticks : 500mm to 600mm maximum
  • Number of sticks depends on the stick height : stick storage height 250mm
  • Stick refill without stopping
  • Repeatability of positioning < 0,1 mm
  • SEMO Tube Feeder can be mounted on a changeover table every 60 or 80mm
  • Optional communication for optimal synchronization with the placement machine
  • A mobile crutch supports the feeders weight once mounted on a placement machine










Cut & Roll feeder


  • Feed and cut PIN header component
  • Reliable and stable
  • Simple mechanical systems
  • Less maintenance and easy integration
  • Removable from the change-over table

80% of standard basis and 20% can be adjustable to the component’s width.
Possibility to add external function on the feeder: forming, bending, folding…

• Cycle time < 2s
• Feeding and cutting accuracy : ± 0,05 mm
• Reel’s diameter : 650 mm and reel changeover time < 2min
• Reconfiguration for a new length < 5min and cutter changing < 1min
• Emptying paper drawer without cycle interruption and capacity : 1 full reel
• The Splice automatically detected and rejected by the SIPLACE machine without interruption or operator intervention.
• The CRF80 can be mounted on a changeover table every 80mm
• Air blow system to clean cutting area
• Optional communication with placement machine
• Sale with this crutch with a wheel to relieve to the X table





Radial Feeder


The Radial Tape Feeder offers efficient and productive feeding for radial components with the following features:

  • Integrated lead cutting unit
  • Wide component range
  • Easy readjustment
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Intelligent communication with placement system
  • Easy user interface
  • Fits all OFP-equipment





Radial Feeder Multi-product

BROCHURE Specifiche Tecniche

Multi-product feeder: setting for different tape pitch, component positioning and cutting height
High-end design: robust actuators and automation for high volume production
Little or no maintenance, exc. the sharpening or change of cutting tool
Autonomous feeder: self powered and own automation. Bidirectional FFI “Flexible Feeder Pick Interface”
Cycle time: in the range 0,7s -2,5 s/cmp, TBD with tests
Picking position repeatability : 0,1mm + component tolerance

Option for automatic Z referencing of each component (not through gripper):
► no need to remove the feeder and reset for each ammo pack or reels
► Better than 0,1mm repeatability on Z axis, TBD with tests
Option for tape shredding
End of tape detection
Size: 900x80mm





Axial Tape Feeder


The Axial Tape Feeder offers efficient and productive feeding for axial components with the following features:

  • Integrated lead cutting and bending unit
  • Wide component range
  • Easy readjustment
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Intelligent communication with placement system
  • Easy user interface
  • Fits all OFP-equipment





Dedicate Tooling and Passive Clincher


ASM custom dedicated tooling solutions are designed for optimal substrate support . Because any movement or incorrect positioning of the substrate during processing can result in defects, ASM employs proven design concepts and solid manufacturing methods to safeguard against
these issues. 

■ Process safety and control
■ Increased stencil life
■ Reduced cleaning schedule
■ Increased squeegee speed
■ Avoid or reduce short circuits
■ Avoid or reduce paste residue
■ Minimized line downtime
■ Improved print and placement quality


Clinched Lead 

A component lead that is insert trough a hale in a PCB and is then bent or clinched to hold the component in place and make metal-to-metal contact a land before soldering. 



Placement Heads & Vision System

SIPLACE Collect & Place head and the SIPLACE TwinStar are the ideal solutions for placing components ranging in size from the 0201 (metric)  to 200 x 110 millimeters at top speeds.

Your benefits at a glance:
 Precise component pickup and placement in  accordance with the proven pick-and-place and collect-and-place principles
 Minimized fault rates thanks to the digital SIPLACE vision system, force measurement and board camber control
 Very large component spectrum:
from the  0201 form factor to 200 x 110 millimeters, and the SIPLACE TwinStar lets you place exceptionally high components as well
 Additional performance and speed improvements possible with SIPLACE nozzle changers and special nozzles





CP20 SpeedStar

  • Benchmark                       up to 48.000 cph
  • Accuracy                           25mm @ 3s
  • Component range             0201 metric – 8,2 x 8,2 x 4 mm
  • Placement force                1,3 N @ full speed; 0,5 N possible
  • Camera resolution            SST48 – 11mm
  • Component sensor           50mm





CPP Multistar

  • Benchmark                  up to 23.500 cph
  • Accuracy                     34µm @ 3σ
  • Component range       0201 metric – 50x40x11,5 mm
  • Placement force          5 N @ full speed
  • Camera type                SST30                                 SST45
  • µm/pixel                       16.9                                     10
  • Component range        01005 – 27x27mm              0201m – 15x15mm
  • Min lead pitch              250µm                                 120µm
  • Min lead  width            100µm                                 50µm
  • Min ball pitch               250µm                                 140µm
  • Min ball size                 140µm                                 70µm






TW TwinStar

  • Benchmark                     up to 5.500 cph
  • Accuracy                        22µm @ 3σ
  • Component range          0201 – 200x125x25mm
  • Placement force             15N @ full speed







TwinStar VHF

  • Benchmark                     up to 5.500 cph
  • Accuracy                        22µm @ 3σ
  • Component range          0201 – 200x125x40mm
  • Placement force             up to 100 N in OSC package





  • Benchmark                    up to 18.500 cph
  • Accuracy                        41µm @ 3σ
  • Component range          0201 to 18,7×18,7×6 mm
  • Placement force             2.4 N to 5.0 N





SMART Pin Support


Programming of pin positions in SIPLACE Pro

  • 2D & 3D graphics of PCB and Pins to simplify check possible collision
    with components on board bottom side

Download with placement program to machine

  • No SPS installed on machine à Warning on machine GUI

Magnet pins will be picked up by gripper attached to the placement head

Magnet pins will be placed at the programmed positions

  • Air blow prior to placement of a pin
  • Vision check after placement of pin

Pins are stored in a garage

  • 5 pins will be available per conveyor track and placement area
  • Additional 5 pins will be available as add on

PCB Camera will check each single pins position:

  • Production is only starting if all pins are properly placed
  • Position check could be repeat after a certain number of PCBs




Gantry Modularity

Fast gantry exchange in less than 30 minutes

Intelligent gantries with memory for gantry-specific calibration data. 

Revolutionary design of gantry guidance

  • 45-degree guidance geometry
  • Easy gantry access from the outside





Increase performance & Move capacity

Fast gantry exchange in less than 30 minutes

Intelligent gantries with memory for gantry-specific calibration data.

Revolutionary design of gantry guidance

  • 45-degree guidance geometry
  • Easy gantry access from the outside





Increase feeder capacity

Fast gantry exchange in less than 30 minutes

Intelligent gantries with memory for gantry-specific calibration data.

Revolutionary design of gantry guidance

  • 45-degree guidance geometry
  • Easy gantry access from the outside





Conveyor System

Designed for innovative production concepts

  • For the broadest product range
  • Increased machine flexibility
  • Reduction of non-productive time
  • Real performance increased by up to 20%
  • Total machine utilization





Flexible Dual Lane

  • Maximum THROUGHPUT
  • 50mm x 50mm up to 850mm x 510mm
  • PCB changeover time = 0 seconds
  • Max weight 2.0 kg



  • No non-productive time
  • Increased machine flexibility
  • Increased placement speed = higher productivity



  • Reduced non-productive time
  • Higher productivity through increased placement
    content per placement area





Smart Transport Module

Designed for innovative production concepts

  • Board handling up to 1500mm
  • Automatic width adjustment with program download from SIPLACE Pro
  • LCD Display with SIPLACE look and feel
  • Only two modules are needed for the entire line
  • Designed and manufactured by ASM




Productivity Lift

  • SIPLACE Productivity Lift can  accommodate extra large PCBs up to 460mm in width or process two boards (up to 216mm wide) simultaneously




Software Portfolio Overview

  • Setup Preparation & Product Changeover
  • Production Planning
  • NPI
  • Data Management
  • Material Management
  •  Production





Floating Setup

SIPLACE Random Setup simplifies the setup preparation effort in the pre-setup area as well as the setup changeover on the SIPLACE Line.

The basis of the solution is the intelligence of the SIPLACE Feeder generation combined with smart software.

Important aspects of Feeder intelligence for Random Setup are:

  • Unique Feeder ID
  • X-Feeder LED

Random Setup Workflow

  • Component-Feeder Kitting in pre-setup area or on the line
  • Place Feeders on any track in table or line wise mode (Random Setup)
  • Spare track feeders can be added on the line

Changeover Guidance for Random Setup

  • Changeover guidance through X-Feeder LED Control on the line:
  • LED “Green” for components used in active setup and/or next setup
  • LED “Orange flashing” for components on wrong location for next setup
  • LED “Off” for components not used
  • Check completeness for next setup based on actual setup on the line

Combination of Random Setup with different Setup Strategies

  • Changeover Table Concept or Feeder Change on the line
  • Floating Changeover with Split-Table Mode


SIPLACE Random Setup is beneficial  with:

  • Feeder Change or Table Change strategy
  • Low volume/ high mix production with many changeovers
  • Frequent NPI runs or urgent orders
  • Flexibility and fast changeover is more important than highest placement speed

Reduced investment for additional Changeover Tables when using Feeder Change instead of Table Change strategy

  • No additional Changeover Tables required



SiCluster Multiline


  • High utilization of the lines
  • Minimum numbers of line changeovers and optimal balanced lines
  • Due Process
  • Real production time of complete production line
  • Fast reaction by planning changes
  • Right & optimal distribution of the products
  • Consideration of process restrictions and line bindings
  • Ease of use
  • Automatic import of products & Quantities
  • Automatic estimation of needed production times per line
  • Automatic and fast optimization


  • Minimum planning effort
  • Higher production utilization
  • Up to 60% less setup effort
  • Up to 40% less Material logistics





Remote Smart Factory

ASM Remote Smart Factory combines the benefits of fast and convenient remote access with the strictest IT security requirements.
Its central component is the ASM Smart Factory Plug&Work Box. It connects ASM line components (SIPLACE placement machines, DEK printers,
Head Care Station, Vision Teach Station, Material Tower, etc.) with the ASM Internet Service Portalover the customer’s own IT network.
Your networks and your data are secure at all times, because remote access takes place only upon request. In addition, each access gets logged
in detail




LED Pairing



SIPLACE LED Pairing represents a huge advance in the quality and
efficiency of the LED placement process. The software administers
LED brightness classes and automatically assigns matching
resistors. In combination with SIPLACE Setup Center and setup
verification, it is the perfect tool for preventing yield-reducing program
changeovers, unintended brightness class changes or faulty LED-resistor
combinations – even on dual-sided boards.





To make NPI processes simpler, faster and more robust, they must be standardized and efficiently supported with hardware, software and services. This includes the ability to close frequently occurring data and information gaps in the product description quickly, easily and reliably.
While this may sound mundane, it can significantly reduce the time and cost of new product introductions to a fraction of previous cost levels. With their effective offline preparation and setup features, today’s SIPLACE solutions support the NPI process consistently and thoroughly.
Electronics manufacturers are thus able to produce even the first prototype or the first new product quickly and error-free with no workarounds or extra costs for items such as adhesive tapes, etc. – and do all of this while keeping any interference with their regular production runs to a minimum.





With SIPLACE Pro you can do offline:

  • Verify  with Virtual Build and discover Errors
  • Debug Program, Analyze geometrical conditions of components, used nozzles and the PCB for potential collision between components in the surrounding of a placement position or between components and nozzles, and create precedence rules
  • Line Balancing, Feeder Setup Optimization and Placement Sequence Calculation
  • Release to Production


  • Gaining information by in-dept analysis of optimization results to manually tweak setups and therefore improving placement rates
  • Use exported data with other programs (e.g. AOI)
  • One single software for programming, optimizing and controlling a line
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface available in multiple languages
  • Minimized line downtime and high utilization of SMT equipment




Vision Teaching Station

With SIPLACE you can generate new component data or analyze and correct
existing package data offline, but with the same camera models you use in your production.
Afterwards you export the new or modified vision data to your SIPLACE Pro database and thus to your production line.
With this special offline tool, SIPLACE speeds up the creation and/or analysis of vision data considerably for more productivity and quality on the line.






Application area of grippers

  • Grippers are applied whenever the placement with nozzles is not possible anymore due to size, bad outlines or weight of the parts

Status quo

  • Each gripper (base & jaws) is build for a special application
  • Long delivery time from supplier for new designs (up to 8 weeks)

Advantages of the new SIPLACE Multi-Gripper-Kit

  • Enables customer to mount a special gripper on his own in less than 2 minutes
  • Especially interesting for special parts in the area of sample-/ prototype construction and small batches
  • Considerable cost savings for special grippers






OSC Package


With the OSC package we will add even more customer benefits and competitive advantages and improve significantly the Odd-Shaped-Component capabilities on SIPLACE machines.
The features are:
 Stereo measurement of components with Pins
 Customer specific component description supporting non-standard structures (“Pattern Feature”)
 Special alignment procedure
 100 N placement force with VHF Twin Head
 Snap in detection
 Support to find best acceleration
Customers require a license to run the OSC package. Once the license is installed all features of the OSC package can be used at the respective machine. The license is activated via SIPLACE Pro.