Create, verify and optimize placement programs

You create your placement programs in SIPLACE Pro – step-by-step, quickly, and easily.
  • Import of individual placement program CAD data
  • Validate your placement program and stimulate the placement process offline with Virtual Product Build and fix any errors long before the first board enters the line
  • Importing component descriptions from online libraries takes only a few clicks
  • You teach new components directly on the line or offline with the SIPLACE Vision Teach Station
  • Software wizards optimize the setup and the placement sequence
  • Placement programs created with SIPLACE Pro run on all SIPLACE machines
  • DEK printer programs can now be created offline with ASM Printer Programming and stored in a the central SIPLACE Pro database. Placement and printing programs are now transferred to the line together.
  • Easy batch import for target values of the measurements via SIPLACE Measuring Feeder X

SIPLACE Setup Center

SIPLACE Setup Center is an application for performing setup verification on SIPLACE machines (online) and in the pre-setup area (offline).

Setup verification is the term used for step-by-step verification of the flexible barcode label definition for a component from the target setup to a track in the actual setup. SIPLACE Setup Center obtains the data on the target setup through the SIPLACE Pro Interface (SPI). The component is identified by barcode labels on the packaging unit, which SIPLACE Setup Center reads by means of a scanner system and processes via a flexible barcode label definition. The track is then assigned to the component via the track barcode on the machine or via the component verification button on the X feeder. The data acquired during a setup verification is stored by SIPLACE Setup Center in a separate database. SIPLACE Setup Center can currently handle packaging units that are uniquely identifiable and packaging units that are assigned to a batch. The groups are differentiated by the fact that a packaging unit has a unique barcode (UID) or a batch identification (ICL), such as a serial number. For technical reasons, Setup Center cannot provide all functions with the same degree of user-friendliness in ICL mode, so we recommend equipping packaging units with a unique  identification. SIPLACE Setup Center now supports online setup verification for all SIPLACE placement machines (except F3 and S15). SIPLACE Setup Center also differentiates between unforced and forced setup verification. Unforced setup verification is carried out without a connection to the station. This means there is no compulsion to perform setup verification and the production process can take place without it. Forced setup verification is carried out with a connection to the station and requires successful setup verification before production. This is implemented as follows: once an order or a packaging unit changeover has  been downloaded, the machine deactivates all divisions in which there are packaging units for which no setup verification data has been received. Before production can start, the line operator must have therefore successfully verified all components/batches necessary for the product. Forced online setup verification is not supported by C series machines. SIPLACE Setup Center also allows you to perform offline setup verification in the pre-setup area. The offline setup verification is performed for the changeover table of a selected setup. After completing the setup via the offline setup verification, the changeover table can be moved out of the pre-setup area and over to the production line, where it can be logged on to the station via the “Changeover table management”. This once again supports all SIPLACE machines. The concept of device recognition for machines (Unique Machine ID), changeover tables (Unique Table ID) and feeders (Unique Feeder ID) was introduced with the support of X series machines. The equipment of the X series supports the concept directly by way of the hardware. For the F, S, H-, HS and C series the identification labels still need to be ordered, like described below. In contrast to previous setup verification systems, the SIPLACE Setup Center uses a radio scanner system, which displays the current setup data for the user. The radio scanner system offers easy-to-follow user prompts. The four-line display gives the user information and is also used to control certain processes. The menu structures are modeled on those used for the operation of mobile phones. In addition, the scanner indicates the successful or unsuccessful completion of actions by various audible and visual signals.

ASM Line Monitor

Full control of material at the line

Everything that matters on a single screen: ASM Line Monitor shows all relevant status information on materials available on a line. Traffic lights warn of critical situations and allow you to take corrective action before a line stop occurs.

Your employees make fewer trips and set the right priorities.

  • Display on station computers and/or large monitors mounted above the line
  • Information about fill levels, components and consumables for the printing process running out, MSD exposure times, order status, remaining run times, etc. for the entire line
  • Smart prioritization of pending activities, operator guidance
  • Less downtime, improved line utilization
  • Improved material flows
  • Less manual labor, more productivity
  • Central display of DEK printer consumables like paste level, fabric for the under stencil cleaning, and level of cleaning agent

Siplace OSC Package

Master all challenges

With SIPLACE equipment, the perfect interaction between placement head and vision system makes it easy to master the challenges posed by OSCs.
  • Placement forces of up to 100 N
  • Snap-in recognition
  • Real-time 3D measurement of contact pins
  • Automatic placement speed optimization
  • Automatic illumination setting for OSC components
  • Crack detection -Component cracks can be identified via the PCB camera inspection prior to pick up as shown in the pictures (i.e. at bare dies)
  • Component weight up to 300 g
  • Measure moment of inertia

SIPLACE Vision Teach Station

Intelligent offline teaching

You create new component shapes on the SIPLACE Vision Teaching Station offline and without slowing down the production lines.

The benefits:

  • Teaching offline does not interfere with your productive lines
  • The Auto Learn function lets you scan shapes and measurements automatically
  • Once the component has been described, its data is stored in SiplacePro and becomes available to all SIPLACE platforms
  • Import vision dumps from your production run to improve your component shape descriptions

ASM Material Manager

Optimize your material-related workflows

Our comprehensive software solution for SMT-specific material management and the remedy for emergency stocks, material shortfalls, unwieldy printed lists, time spent searching, and material-related line stops. ASM Material Manager transparently links all material-related planning and operational processes. ASM Material Manager raises your material logistics to a new level.

  • It networks your material-related processes and makes them transparent – from receiving to kitting and setup, from planning to placement
  • Interfaces with ERP systems; eliminates the need for physical inventories
  • Your data is always up-to-date – paperless, at every workstation, for every process
  • Package-based UIDs and stock management across all storage locations, kitting areas and lines
  • Management of storage systems (Kardex, Haenel, ASM Material Tower , etc.)
  • Path-optimized pick lists, strong search functions, MSD-Management, etc.
  • Search for dedicated setup changeover tables. Define park location for change over table (park and scan)
  • Booking of torn down material to dedicated location
  • Queuing of reorder request