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INSIGNUM 3000 Label

Do you need a high contrast in your labeling codes, do you want to mark PCBs and components and process different label sizes at the same time? With our labeling systems, you can label a wide variety of materials such as PCBs, housings or even components fully automatically and apply different label sizes in just one process step.

Thermal Transfer Process

In the thermal transfer process, the labels are printed via an integrated printer using an ink ribbon. The right combination of ribbon and label material ensures high resistance to environmental influences. For particularly reliable scanning results ASYS uses 600dpi printers, with which a high contrast and sharp contours are achieved. Label sizes up to 5mm can be processed. Fields of application for label marking are e.g. component rolls, components on PCBs, housings or classic PCB marking.

  • High durability
  • Label sizes up to 5mm



Mark & Cut

Laser marking and cutting is the second option for flexibly creating a wide variety of label sizes for your products.

In a single step, a laser markable label is marked and cut to the desired format. This combines the advantages of labeling and laser marking. Code sizes and label formats can be set individually, position- and product-dependent.

  • Flexible label sizes
  • Can be set individually, position- and product-dependent
  • Label sizes up to 5mm

The Label applicator, INSIGNUM 3000 Label, consists of a servo driven X/Y axle, a rotating application head and a conveyor with positioning mechanism to pick up and place the PCBs. The PCB is transferred with a conveyor into the application area. The X/Y axle moves the application head to the printer, a label is taken and then applied to the PCB. After the application process the PCB is released and then transferred to the following unit.

Machine configuration Conveyor

  • Transport height: 850 mm ± 50 mm
  • Max. transport width: 460 mm
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • Transfer direction:From left to right / from right to left (Option)
  • Operating side: Front of the machine
  • Fixed rail: Front of the machine

Panel dimensions Conveyor

  • Panel length: 70 to 508 mm
  • Panel width: 50 to 460 mm
  • Panel thickness: 0.8 to 4.0 mm
  • Panel weight: Up to 3 kg
  • Component height: Up to 40 mm Option

Installation requirements Conveyor

  • Power supply: 230 V / 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10 %
  • Power supply system: L1 + N + PE
  • Power consumption: 0.69 kW
  • Air supply: 6 bar
  • Air consumption: <10 Nl/min

Machine description Conveyor

  • Length × width × height : 830 × 1470 × 1480 mm
  • Weight: 8Approx. 553 Kg
  • Position Accuracy: +/-0,25 mm @ 3 Sigma (with fiducial recognition)
  • Noise level: < 75 dB


Machine networking via IC Net

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