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Digitised production processes and the communication of machines among each other facilitate the modern production and at the same time offer enormous transparency: The systems of Rehm Thermal Systems enable the data relevant to a safe and stable process to be communicated from machine to machine and across production lines. Efficiency, adaptation on demand and networking are keywords that characterise today's industry. A software-supported production allows the user to manage complex and variable processes clearly and to keep constant conditions.

Rehm Thermal Systems is known for innovative engineering and technology leadership in manufacturing equipment for the electronics and photovoltaics industry. Rehm is now able to expand this pioneering role even further with a clear and innovative portfolio of software solutions. ViCON, the new system software, already combines tried-and-tested Rehm Software tools such as convenient product management and process interlocking with new possibilities in the area of mobile applications in the form of the ViCON App and ViCON Connect – in an appealing design and with intuitive touch operation. With ViCON Connect, the ViCON App and the IPC-CFX standard, we guarantee you effective communication link across the SMT lines of your production.

Thanks to the networking of the systems, you can keep an eye on the production at any time and be able to control and monitor processes without having delays in production. Rehm offers a clear software package for the Vision series that is intuitive to use thanks to its touchscreen interface. All messages, commands and parameters are visible at a glance on the main screen with its machine view. With numerous features, for example, a favourites bar that can be freely added, the structured grouping of parameters or the individual process monitoring and documentation, ViCON offers you optimal support for your manufacturing processes.

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